Published: August 14, 2019
Published: August 14, 2019

Algeria Celebrates COLORFUL COMMUNITIES Project

We have recently finished our first COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project in Algeria. The project leaders were our three passionate colleagues: Nassiba Hebbache, PPG Algeria marketing manager; Soufiane Younsi, PPG Algeria marketing assistant and Ghazia Assameur, PPG Algeria technical inspections coordinator.

The project saw our employee volunteers refresh the SOS Femmes en Détresse shelter, in Algiers, Algeria. They chose this organization as Nassiba has already been working with the women’s initiative for two years.  When the opportunity to run a Colorful Communities project arose, the team jumped at the chance!

I knew instantly that PPG’s soothing shades would inject some warmth and positivity into this important communal space.
Nassiba Hebbache, marketing & communications manager, PPG Algeria

The SOS Femmes en Détresse shelter is a safe haven where women of all ages can rebuild their life with crucial support around issues such as homelessness and domestic abuse.

Color, as Form of Therapy

PERLOXANE® by SEIGNEURIE® was the team’s product of choice, the palette really brought the façades to life and worked well with the assortment of murals installed throughout the kindergarten.

In addition to the façades transformation, our colleagues used a wide, lively color palette on the shelter’s front and murals throughout the kindergarten. As well as the aesthetic upgrades, we donated ten new beds and mattresses to the center.

The transformation has proved that color is form of therapy. Thanks to the efforts of all PPG volunteers, our shelter is now a place where women can collect their thoughts in peace and happiness.
Meriem Belaala, center director, SOS Femme en Detresse

A Decade of Growth for PPG Algeria

In 2019, PPG Algeria celebrates its 10th anniversary. It’s not only Architectural Coatings that are flourishing in the country, other PPG businesses (SBU) are blooming, these include Protective and Marine Coatings, Automotive OEM Coatings and Automotive Refinish Coatings.

Thanks to the new SBU’s integration, marketing & communication efforts and network development, we’ve seen some incredible growth in the last decade. This success is beneficial not only for our customers but also enables us to support local communities through inspiring initiatives like Colorful Communities projects.

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