Published: May 09, 2019
Published: May 09, 2019

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Brno: A Fascinating City of Culture and Collaboration

Welcome to Brno, a city with an authentic culture and delicious food!

In September 2005, PPG opened its first shared service center for EMEA in Brno, Czech Republic. The site is home to over 500 employees who provide support for functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications and Analytics. Throughout the site, 80 new positions were created and filled in 2018, and 75% of the workforce consists of women under the age of 40.

Charity & Sustainability

The Brno site is well known for hosting many activities dedicated to sustainability, community engagement and employee engagement.

The local wellness team organizes lots of events for colleagues; Wellness Week, monthly sporting activities and healthy breakfasts. It’s a strong hub for professional growth, with the Young Professional Organization preparing regular training sessions. The Women’s Leadership Council also focuses on the career development of talented female professionals.

Employees here were involved in a PPG’s COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project in 2018 , where the site helped to renovate a local kindergarten. Colleagues are also involved in Charity Partner Programs. A big favourite is VODICÍ PES an organization that trains dogs for blind people. This has led to three of our colleagues fostering guide dogs in training!

In 2018, the Brno site received recognition for the highly acclaimed PPG sustainability award.

Leisure Time In Brno

As well as being a key part of our European strategy, Brno is also an interesting city in its own right. Linda Kolarova, PPG Communications Specialist, had lots to say about the city. For a glimpse into the city’s past, there’s no better place than the medieval Špilberk Castle which houses a city museum, gardens and a former prison with vaulted tunnels. Brno is known for its modernist buildings, like the restored Villa Tugendhat, built in 1930 by architect Mies van der Rohe.

Unique Astronomical Clock

Every day at 11:00am, it releases a glass marble which spectators can catch from one of four openings in the monument and they can take it with them as a souvenir. 

If you’re searching for a souvenir, you need to go to the very popular astronomical clock. It was installed at náměstí Svobody in 2010 and is made of polished black granite. This unique attraction is almost six metres tall and shaped like a gigantic bullet.

Fireworks Festival Colors The Sky

Don’t miss out on the International fireworks competition that is held annually in May. This year, it will be held from the 24th of May to the 16th of June. Fireworks producers from all over the world gather to compete! This year, we are welcoming contestants from Portugal, The Philippines and Norway to participate in this colorful and noisy competition. The events take place at various venues over the city; Denisovy Sady park, Brno Dam and in the Špilberk castle.

A City Famous For Great Beer & Food

If you’re visiting the area, be sure to sample some of the famous Czech dishes, with two of the most popular ones being roast pork with dumplings and fried cheese with potatoes.

You should also go to the bistros in Brno. They have unique interiors, friendly service and original seasonal dishes that are packed full of local ingredients. The best bistro is definitely Soul!

Brno has long been known for great beers such as Starobrno, but now the surrounding Moravian countryside is making some excellent wines, too.

If you prefer a soft drink, then traditional Czech drink is Kofola. It tastes similar to Cola, but due to its natural ingredients, it has an unmistakable and captivating taste. So, all in all, you’re in for a great culinary experience!