Published: September 22, 2017
Published: September 22, 2017

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Caserta - Italy's Hidden Gem

In a previous post we introduced you to our Caivano site, neighboured by beautiful Naples and just a short train journey away is Caserta which boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The PPG Caivano site isn't short of some impressive measures either. At the 200,000sqm production site the team produced an astonishing 80,000 tons of specialised resins and finish goods in 2016, shipping to markets across EMEA and as far as Central and Latin America. This year the factory has not been shy of making impressions either, Plant Manager Marco Cantilena reported that they had pushed new standards of health and safety on-site by managing an incredible 3000 days without I&I.

Besides these achievements, plant employees are also working towards a sustainable future in all aspects of the workplace. From community, business to energy and waste reducing schemes employees are actively engaged with their work. Their Charity Partners Carmine Gallo Onlus also recently benefited from a bake sale held by employees at the site.

In addition to our fantastic site, Caserta is a significant piece of Italy's vast, diverse and proud cultural identity. The Reggia di Caserta (the Royal Palace) is the beacon to the city and holds the current title as one of 50 UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

Designed by 18th Century architect Luigi Vanvitelli it's home to 1,200 rooms, adorned with paintings and decorations as well as a Sala del Trono (Throne Room) and Sala di Astrea (Astrea Room) . It is a masterpiece of architectural and artistic design. The interiors are filled with endless amounts of awe-inspiring works of stucco, bas-reliefs, fresco paintings, sculptures and marvellous inlay floors.

Together with the Royal Palace is it's own park. It's archetypal of the traditional Italian garden: wide lawns, squared flowerbeds and above all, a triumph of water features. Throughout the park water features can be spotted, fountains and waterfalls decorated with sculptures pass one after another. The result is a spectacular effect of cascading artworks, climaxing at the Grande Cascata (Great Waterfall).

If you would like to visit Reggia di Caserta, attend tours or even rent a bike, click here.