Published: September 14, 2017
Published: September 14, 2017

Charity Partners Fun Spreads Further into EMEA!

Our original post about PPG Charity Partners covered activities from Scandinavia, Spain, the UK and South Africa. Now we report on some of the other sites in EMEA and what teams have done to support their local communities and chosen charities!


At the Deurne site in Belgium, our colleagues met with local theatre actress An de Pre and her "M-Theater" to hold a night of theatrics in support of Hippo & Friends Type 1 Diabetes Funds.

When PPG announced that they wanted to organise activities for our Charity Partner, I suggested to use our theatre play and raise money for a good cause.
An De Pre, who is also our PPG colleague

The play, comedy "Bingo Baby", was a sell out with over 120 tickets being sold. It was a true community effort, the actors agreed to work and perform in the play for free and the employees from PPG Deurne worked meticulously in organising the event. The play was an astounding success raising €1250 for the charity.


Employees from our French sites in Saultain and Marly chose to raise money for their Charity Partner Les Clowns de I'Espoir. Staff arranged a book sale and selling pots of local honey, extracted and jarred by Saultain and Marly's in-house beekeeping team!

Emma Colasse, HR Manager and experienced voluntary beekeeper recognised how bountiful beekeeping can be with this observation:

We think having bee colonies here is a smart, sustainable thing to do. It’s an easy, fun way to help our environment.

Overall the team managed to pot 70 jars of honey from just 3 beehives, making a total sum of €210, donated to their Charity Partner.


Our opportunistic employees from Caivano, Quattordio and Felizzano coordinated flower sales for Mother's Day at their sites, where employees could purchase bundles and beautiful bouquets of flowers for their mothers. This way, the busy staff could avoid disappointment in the event that may have forgotten or were unable to buy gifts for their mothers beforehand. Through the flower sale we supported two Charity Partners, L.I.L.T. and Associazione Carmine Gallo Onlus.


Valencia employees ran a campaign called "Mercadillo Solidario". Our employees donated new or newly-used items they have at home in order to be sold for a symbolic price to other employees. All donations then proceed to their Charity Partner Asociación Valenciana de Caridad. The PPG team at Valencia established prices for each individual item and then add them into their catalogue which is distributed to all departments on-site. To increase sales, the team had an ingenious way of publicising the items; the canteen TV! Sales items were showcased on screen so anyone who was interested only had to contact the sellers on-site.


Across the region in Slovakia, teams have pulled together an annual bike ride, building team work skills and benefitting their chosen Charity Partner Svetielko nádeje. Since last year PPG have sold a voluntary entry fee of which the earnings are donated to the charity. 70 employees from both Czech Republic and Slovakia conquered a staggering 80 km climb, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty and long climbing roads of Orava, Northern Slovakia.

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