Published: March 29, 2019
Published: March 29, 2019

Color Revives Portuguese Youth Center

The start of 2019 sought new opportunities for COLORFUL COMMUNITIESTM projects, showcasing our colleagues’ love for helping non-profits and making the world a more colorful place.  

The first project of the year helped revitalize ART (Associação De Respostas Terapêuticas) in Castro Verde, Portugal. ART is a non-profit organization providing versatile, therapeutic intervention for adolescents with multiple risk factors. The project is consistently helping reintegrate the lives of young people within society, encouraging them to strive towards positive prospects. Helping around 40 to 50 teenagers and their families each year, the organization is extremely impactful!

Personality through Color

Our employee volunteers, including numerous managers painted the facility’s interior and exterior walls, floors, benches and handrails and chose the distinctive colors of white and blue, fitting to the Alentejo region! Our main goal was to create a bright, welcoming environment, with the help of DYRUP® paint, BONDEX® paint and protective and marine coatings products!

We used a new product, Dyrup Air Pure to purify the space, launching this spring, it helps filter harmful substances in indoor air.

These partnerships help improve the quality of life for our adolescents and enable us to offer an environment that is integral to their well-being and development. This was the case with the improvements made possible by PPG through remodeling existing areas and donating equipment of extreme importance. Throughout the project, the volunteers were extraordinary people with incredible empathy.
Carla Silva, General Director, ART

An Artistic Perspective

Before the transformation, the space was old and damaged with not much life to it, so it was important for us to create an exciting, fun environment.

We invited well-known Portuguese street artist, Maria Imaginário to help bring a fresh lease of life into the space. Not only did she bring so much enthusiasm to the project, she worked with us during her free time, collaborating on how to make the space feel special and unique by filling an entire room with her art.

I decided to be a volunteer for the Colorful Communities project because it really makes sense, for me not only as an artist but for my experience as a person. And it’s not every day that an organization does this kind of work where we’re able to be a part of it.
Maria Imaginário