Published: December 20, 2018
Published: December 20, 2018

Colorful Changes to a Center for People with Disabilities

Our latest COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project followed our Automotive Coatings team in Valladolid, Spain, as they offered their services to bring more joy and color to Fundación Personas!

The non-profit organization, Fundación Personas, supports people with disabilities of all ages by providing care and services to aid their quality of life. Two of their centers, El Pino center and Dos Pinos center, are daycare facilities for adults and children with disabilities.

Our team of over 70 volunteers, which consisted of PPG colleagues, family members, Fundación Personas staff and parents of people who attend the centers, offered their support to the organization by repainting El Pino center. We also donated additional paint for the renovation of Dos Pinos center in the near future. Altogether, more than 1,000 liters of DYRUP® paints ware donated to Fundación Personas.

Understanding the Center’s Needs

Both El Pino and Dos Pinos centers aim to promote development and inclusion for adults with disabilities. El Pino center offers additional support for children with disabilities and helps around 126 children and adults. Over the years, the spaces had become a little damaged, leading to a dull environment for those who frequently visited the Fundación Personas for their help. Many people with disabilities are reliant on the services on offer at the facility, so it was important for us to recreate a welcoming and pleasant environment.

A Multi-Colored Refurbishment

During two weekends, our team painted the canteen, interior wood doors, exterior playground equipment and sports field, the gymnasium and wooden fences to create an inspiring environment. Using our Dyrup paints including HITT, DYRUTEX, TINTA PLÁSTICA SUPER and AKROMUR brands, we brought color and life back to the facilities. Our chosen color palette for the treatment included 18 different colors from turquoise to violet to yellow! Users of the facility are now welcomed by a brighter environment.

The partnership between PPG and Fundación Personas was really important for us in a way that it helps reinforce the values of inclusion of people with disabilities within civil society.
Manuel Fernández Alonso, President, Fundación Personas