Published: July 24, 2017
Published: July 24, 2017

COLORFUL COMMUNITIES Projects Make a Splash in Italy!

Two cities in Italy had the pleasure of experiencing the COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ treatment recently, take a look at what went down across both:


In Milan the Colorful Communities™ team helped to revitalise Villa Arconati.

The historical structure is considered to be an Italian revisitation of Louis XIV’s Versailles. The present structure of the aristocratic villa was completed by the Arconati family in the 18th Century and those with a keen eye for architecture will know the building shows an expression of the attention to detail and elegance of Lombard baroque.

Milan, the capital of the Lombardy region, is home to PPG's Italian Automotive Refinish facility and employees from the Lainate Automotive Refinish site and Cavallirio Architectural Coatings sites also helped out in the project.

To carry out the work, the Colorful Communities project teamed up with the Augusto Rancilio Foundation who promote the protection, promotion and enhancement of assets of artistic and historical interest in Italy. Their current project is the restoration and beautification of the villa and its monumental gardens.

At PPG we feel privileged to have helped this organisation in its mission to restore Villa Arconati to its former glory. The Augusto Rancilio Foundation also organises many cultural, public, educational and private events to support the Villa with more than 40.000 visitors per season. The Villa is famed to be one of the most beautiful places in the area of Milan and is an important part of Italian artistic heritage.

Here are some amazing project stats:

  • Around 125 PPG volunteers took part

  • Volunteers spent 560 hours revitalising the iron fence and the historical villa's garden

  • PPG provided thousands of Euros to assist with the project, including Selemix and Sigma Coatings paint products

We are thankful for the efforts of our employee volunteers and Mr. Koor in helping PPG and the Quattordio community create a unique urban environment for residents and visitors alike.
Benito Sala, plant manager at the Quattordio facility


In Quattordio, the Colorful Communities™ team worked in coordination with Stradedarts, which organises the Quattordio Urban Art event, an artistic journey of graffiti presented by famous artists on 11 walls in the Italian town.

The aim of the event is to create an urban museum in Quattordio through works by well-known artists. In 1984, the village hosted Italy’s first graffiti event featuring American artists who, over time, became legends in urban art.

Volunteers from the Quattordio site and the PPG industrial coatings plant in Felizzano, helped revitalise the exterior wall of its automotive OEM coatings facility with the help of infamous New York street artist Kool Koor, who linked his work to the theme of 'Colours'.

Some incredible stats from this project include:

  • More than 20 PPG volunteers were involved

  • The PPG team spent 130 hours paintin

  • ​PPG provided thousands of Euros to assist with the project, including SIGMA COATINGS® paint products

PPG is honoured to help The Augusto Rancilio Foundation in its mission to restore and beautify the villa to its original state of splendour. Our volunteers did an extraordinary job restoring this important community asset, and it was impressive to see their enthusiasm and engagement.

Silla Giusti, PPG marketing director, automotive refinish
More than 3,000 people have been impacted by the Colorful Communities project, which is perfectly integrated with the Quattordio Urban Art event. PPG is pleased to be part of the community’s continuing efforts to bring color and beauty to its walls.
Rodolfo Saporiti, PPG global director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and automotive market