Published: August 10, 2018
Published: August 10, 2018

COLORFUL COMMUNITIES Project Revitalizes School in Gliwice

Fifteen employees from the Automotive plant in Gliwice, Poland, were involved in a fantastic Colorful Communities project. In just two days, the team completely renovated the outside of the local primary school, Szkoła Podstawowa nr 20.

Giving Back to the Community

The idea to pursue this modernization project was inspired by a colleague, Roman Szczygieł.

Let’s do something great for our community.
Roman Szczygieł, PPG global analyst financial planning, Automotive OEM Coatings

Most of the Gliwice employees agreed, and they started looking for places which they could make more beautiful. Buildings, schools and walls painted by graffiti, were all places the team had considered tackling.

Finally, PPG’s Automotive team visited a Primary School in Gliwice,which was located in an old building, just 2 km away from their Gliwice office. One of the walls was completely covered in graffiti and the second one had a destroyed façade.The benches in the courtyard were dirty and the steel grids at the school’s main entrance were damaged as well. The team decided that Szkota Podstawowa school would benefit from a colorful makeover. This project would also help make the school a friendlier place for the kids to be.

A Vibrant School Makeover

The group started their preparation by visiting our Dekoral Center in Gliwice. The Dekoral Center employees selected the most appropriate paints for the school. The employees visited the school with the necessary equipment. They started the transformation by sealing the holes in the walls and the second group started polishing the metal grinds and wooden benches.

The next stage involved painting the benches with Dekoral Professional and Drewnochron paints. The grids were then painted with PPG’s Sigma Architectural decorative products. At the end of the first day the team had complexly restored the benches and all the walls were now ready for painting. On the second day, the rest of the volunteers spent hours painting the remaining walls, adding a touch of color to them. The school now looked lovely and clean! All the staff agreed that these two days were tiring, but as one colleague said: 

It was worth every minute, especially seeing the smiles on the children faces.