Published: June 13, 2019
Published: June 13, 2019

Colors Breathe New Life into UK Community Centre

Our latest COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project saw us working with volunteers to rejuvenate the Community Centre in Birstall, UK, which serves as a community hub for a diverse range of arts, theater, fitness, and wellness events. Veronica Horsfall, PPG communications manager, architectural coatings, UK & Ireland, headed up the project.

Meet Veronica, our dedicated volunteer!

Veronica oversees and manages the internal communications and community engagement function for our architectural coatings business across the UK & Ireland. This was the third Colorful Communities project led by Veronica and took place just a stone’s throw from our Birstall site.

Veronica finds joy in helping her local community. Through this and previous projects, she has made many good friends and contacts within the PPG neighborhood.

There’s always something to do or somewhere to go. I’m never short of invites! I enjoy spending time with people, so participating in Colorful Communities projects is perfect for me. I love it so much that it’s become part of my life outside of work too.

Veronica Horsfall, PPG communications manager, architectural coatings, UK & Ireland

A Community of Color

During the renovation, there was an ambition to engage widely with the community. One of the main aims was for the community to develop a strong feeling of ownership of the Centre. Team members involved in community engagement in Birstall are continually searching for opportunities to enhance the town’s growing, diverse and successful community.

For many years, PPG has been a vibrant part of Birstall’s business community, and this Colorful Communities project has only enhanced the opportunities that are available.

Ian Blamires, Trustee, Birstall Community Trust
As a home for cultural events, meetings and local groups, the Birstall Community Centre provides locals with vital creative and support services.

Bringing Birstall’s Community Centre Back to Life

Birstall Community Trust aims to maintain, develop and successfully manage local facilities that enhance the lives of Birstall citizens, in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy.

The renovation saw 38 PPG volunteers and nine community volunteers work tirelessly to improve the community hub.

In its original state, the Centre looked very tired, unloved and dated. Upgrades included: modernized windows, a new ceiling with energy-efficient lighting, a new commercial kitchen, and a bathroom restoration. To add a splash of color and freshen up the space, our PPG volunteers chose paint products from JOHNSTONE’S ‘Voice of Color’ palette. The color palette included Midsummer’s Dream (light blue), Enduring Ice (white) or Be Daring (bright yellow).


PPG specialists selected the products for their durability. The palette is especially suitable for those with visual impairments, the elderly and people suffering from dementia, through contrasting walls, doors, frames and handrails.

Thanks to these improvements the facility is able to increase the quality and value of its services. The Centre is popular community space where groups are really enjoying the refurbished surroundings. The fresh look has even attracted new groups and various other local initiatives, who now call the Centre home!