Published: July 25, 2019
Published: July 25, 2019

Enikő Learned a Life Lesson from the Community Project

Meet Enikő Bartha-Szabó, PPG marketing director, Architectural Coatings, Hungary. She’s been a huge supporter of community engagement activities since she first joined PPG, and was recently the lead on a COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project at the András Pető College in her home town of Budapest.

Enikő’s Working Life

Enikő works on building brand awareness of both our products and our company. She believes that community engagement activities are an important element to build awareness of our brand and give back to the locations where there’s a PPG presence:

It’s wildly important to care about our surroundings, to support needy institutes from hospitals to kindergartens.

Why the András Pető College?

Enikő chose the school, which works to provide assistance to children and young adults with motor disabilities originating from damage to the central nervous system, because it’s a cause that’s very close to her heart:

As a mother, at first it was upsetting to see these children with motor disabilities, but I realized that they are extremely lucky to be in Pető College. Getting to know these kids, happiness grew a new meaning.

Governmental support of Pető College dropped in the last few years, although it is a worldwide unique institute with great international reputation.

We’re proud to help them to make their building livable and beautiful. When we saw these kids’ reaction to the beautiful murals painted by our volunteers, I was sure that we choose the best candidate for our Colorful Communities project.

Boosting Kids’ Imagination with Vibrant Colors

The renovation spanned all 3 floors of the Pető College and saw Enikő and the volunteers replace the dated wall colors with vibrant shades and enchanting designs. The children immediately invented stories around the scenes, which have now become a part of not only the school but the children’s imagination.

We’re so grateful to PPG Trilak for bringing color and beauty into our lives so everyone can enjoy being at school!
Mrs. Döbrössyné Dániel Gabriella, deputy director of Pető College

What Community Engagement Teaches You

As the marketing director, Enikő believes collaboration is key and strives to gain insight from her colleagues in the region. She also understands that some of the best inspiration for work can come from outside sources.

Enikő reflects on what this kind of project can teach you and how it can broaden your horizons professionally and personally:

In my daily job we work on getting results, achieving our targets, protecting and beautifying the world indeed, but to engage our employees in this kind of project and to work with Pető College’s staff, who were highly committed to make the children’s life better, was another dimension.


The Colorful Communities program is PPG’s signature initiative for community engagement efforts, with the aim to protect and beautify the neighborhoods where PPG operates around the world. The program increases PPG’s commitment to invest in communities and supports projects that transform community assets, providing PPG volunteers and donated PPG products. Find out more about our Colorful Communities projects here.