Published: December 12, 2018
Published: December 12, 2018

Euler Course for Young Geniuses Celebrates 10 Years!

We’re thrilled to be celebrating the 10th year of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s (EPFL) Euler Course!

To acknowledge the dedication of the students and the hard work of teachers, Jerome Zamblera, our Vice President Automotive Refinish & EHS Director EMEA delivered a speech during the celebratory event in November.

PPG is supporting Euler Course through community engagement grants for the 4th consecutive year. Since 2008, high-school students who are talented in mathematics have had the opportunity develop their potential through the afternoon course at the prestigious university.

This year, we also decided to give the students some hands-on experience – 15 of them travelled all the way to our Refinish facility in Milan.

Giving Back a Little Bit More!

At our facilities there are a number of examples of how mathematics can be applied to real-life scenarios, so we decided to invite the students to our Refinish facility in Milan, Italy. PPG plant manager in Milan, Massimiliano Mimmotti, welcomed the students while Michela Cagliani, PPG technical director Automotive Refinish EMEA, shared with them the secrets behind paint development processes.

Afterwards, Jerome led an intriguing tour around the plant. From color matching to quality control test methods in action, the students were able to engage with practical applications of their studies rather than simply on paper.

I found it really interesting to get insight into an industrial production site, which we never get at school. I thought that the visit was well structured, and I enjoyed that we got to see the practical, hands-on aspect of the whole process and not just the theoretical side.
Thérèse Moerschell, a Euler Course student

We are proud to see the success of the program and how many students graduate from the course each year.