Published: January 04, 2019
Published: January 04, 2019

Festival of Murals Beautified City of Cieszyn

In the lively city of Cieszyn, Poland, close to our major Industrial Coatings plant, we held a second edition of the MurArt Festival in collaboration with the city authorities.

This year, four out of twelve murals were completed with the help of DEKORAL® products. The area will be decorated with another eight murals as part of our community engagement grant in the next two years.

Revived Way to Bus and Train Station

The MurArt Festival is a contest for professional street artists that aims to create a colorful, exciting space in the city center for residents and visitors. PPG co-created the event with the city, which began in 2016 as part of our COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project.

This summer, the new contest began. Our fellow PPG employees Patrycja Branny, Grzegorz Koźmiński and Anna Wielgosz acted as jury to the competition, together with Mikolaj Rejst, winner of the first edition in 2016, and the city officials.

The chosen artists to complete four murals were Marcin Wierzchowski, Aneta Paszek, Weronika Kasprzyk and collaborative artists Barbara Poniatowska and Dariusz Paczkowski.

A site near to the bus and train station was chosen for the artwork. Initially, the space was lacking any impact, becoming bland and forgotten. PPG and Cieszyn officials immediately grasped at its potential! The area is a popular and well-seen spot for residents and tourists—during the event, residents in the area even came to watch the street art in progress!

Futuristic Art Contest for Youngsters

In December, the final event of this year’s MurArt Festival took place: an art contest for pupils from local schools. The pupils were challenged to sketch a mural idea inspired by “Cieszyn in 50 years”—140 drawings were submitted in total!

The finally yet importantly our colleagues, city representatives and children commemorated this exciting festival, a plaque was unveiled to celebrate the artistic talent.