Published: January 05, 2021
Published: January 05, 2021

How PPG People Lived The PPG Way in 2020

2020 was a special year. From its turbulent start, held back by the outbreak of the pandemic, through the whole world’s continuous adjustment to the “new normal”, our colleagues continued to bring The PPG Way to life.

In these 74 stories, we could see that throughout this year, we were still #PPGProud to highlight PPG People across the region and inspire others with the stories of their career journeys, outstanding achievements, breakthrough projects and wellbeing tips. Let’s take a look back at the stories that helped shape 2020.

We Trust Our People Every Day in Every Way

‘Dare to Be Transparent and Vulnerable’

Meet Cyntosha, leader of human resources operations in EMEA, and discover how her open and transparent leadership helped build trust and strengthen her new team's relationship.

’It’s Not What You’re Doing, but with Whom’

It is the people that make the company. That is the message that Hans, our supply chain manager Architectural Coatings (AC) Region Northern Europe and one of our 2020 Rainmakers, attests to after 37 years with PPG.

We Make It Happen

Rui and His Exciting Cross-cultural Journey of Learning

Rui manages the service and technical teams at customer sites across a number of countries. This can be a challenge due to differing time zones and cultures, but it’s a challenge he enjoys – interacting daily with people from such varied cultures. With his colorful and cross-cultural career, Rui takes the term diversity to a whole new level!

'It Always Feels Good to Do Good'

Kevin Van de Vyver is business development manager at work and a Red Cross volunteer in his free time. During his days off, Kevin decided to help a local non-profit group to do his part in combating the COVID-19 crisis.

‘When You Are Positive, You Can Find a Solution for Everything’

Meet Artemis and learn secrets from her about balancing work and private life. Aside of her interesting marketing career journey, she shares tips on working from home in a household with two kids!

We Are 'One PPG' to the World

Laura and Team Used Expertise to Protect Lives and Businesses

Have you heard of Disinfectant 20R? Laura, one of the members of the cross-SBU international team behind it, shares her insights into this new product developed amidst the pandemic.

Ben’s and Ania’s Actions Directly Impact Business Continuity

Benjamin Courcol and Anna Latoszynska are both part of the international EMEA procurement team. Having joined the team from completely different functions permits them to see the bigger picture in their jobs.

‘Home Is A Feeling, Wherever You Are’

Since COVID-19 first swept across the globe, people have been affected in many different ways. Monika, Andrea and Steve, members of our international workforce, share what being away from home during the crisis has taught them.

We Run It Like We Own It

Damiano Shares Tips on Staying Positive and Healthy

“Rather than catastrophizing about a crisis and letting stress take over, we should try to maintain a positive attitude and work on the things we are able to influence." Damiano, our EHS operational excellence and integrations manager, shares his story and valuable tips for maintaining our physical and mental health during these challenging times.

Paolo Likes to Go Outside His Comfort Zone

Paolo Tornaghi has spent the last year splitting his time between Greece, where he works, and Italy, where his family is. When lockdown first left Paolo unable to leave Italy, his team in Greece had to be managed remotely. Learn about his time management and work-life balance secrets!

Our Female Scientists: Why It Is Great to Be in Science

Celebrating our women of science, some of our top female scientists share their stories. See some of what goes on behind the laboratory doors and learn about why they feel it's so great to be working in the world of test tubes and strange chemicals!

We Do Better Today Than Yesterday

Feeanine Safely Brings Color to Suriname in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic brought our COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects to an abrupt halt nearly six months ago. Meet Feeanine from Suriname, who led our first Colorful Communities project following the break due to the pandemic!

Lorenzo Lives by Math, Physics and Chemistry

For Lorenzo, one of our 2020 Rainmakers, science has always been a leading force in his life. Even during the pandemic, what keeps him positive during this time is his faith in science.

Wei Wins Prestigious Gordon E. Moore Medal

Wei is one of our research associates, based in Pennsylvania, USA. A key contributor to some of our company’s breakthrough technologies, Wei talks about his career, his success and his appetite for all things chemistry.

We Partner with Customers to Create Mutual Value

Giuseppe and His Team Impress with Superior Fire Protection Technology

Meet Giuseppe and his team, experts on hydrocarbon passive fire protection. In spite of the pandemic, they managed to get an important client on board with our innovative product PITT-CHAR NX.

Juan Makes His Dreams Reality Through Hard Work, Passion and Creativity

From a boy with a dream of working with cars to a leader who helps launch some of our most successful products in the Refinish business, Juan Navarro has been a valued colleague for the past 33 years. As you can no doubt guess, in such a long career at PPG, he’s collected quite a few interesting stories along the way.


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