Published: October 05, 2018
Published: October 05, 2018

Hungary: The Country with Spirit

This year, the EuroSkills competition took place in Budapest from 26th to 28th of September. This event is a showcase of young professionals competing in different categories. At PPG, we are proud to be a sponsor of the Painting & Decorating category.

In Budapest, we supported two competitors: Szabolcs Cseke from Hungary and Yann Miller from France. Our plant in Budapest is situated within a hub of spirited traditions. Anna Daroczi, PPG executive assistant, Budapest, brought attention to the thriving culture and history surrounding the site. 

Strong History

Since 1924, PPG Trilak has remained close to the city center of Budapest, Hungary. The plant produces nearly 30,000 tons of paint annually, with most exports to Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can also find its Trinát, Héra and Lazurán brands in Greece as well. The portfolio of PPG Trilak is varied and covers approximately 1,000 products.

The manufacturing site is historically linked to Hungarian culture. Paint production began here almost a 100 years ago, in 1924.

During this time, paint production rapidly increased, propelling the site through to present-day Budapest. We have consistently carried a steady number of employees – PPG Trilak now has approximately 250-300 employees.

Budapest City Center

Budapest’s center is filled with magnificent architecture. You can find the Hungarian Parliament Building, St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Hungarian State Opera House. Visitors can relax in one of the many thermal baths or hike to Gellért Hill. Anna recommends taking a walk around the castle district. Scattered with hidden little staircases, beautiful parks and small cafés, she describes the scenery as romantic and full of discovery.

We’ve lived in the area for 3 years, but we’re still finding new routes.
Anna Daroczi, PPG executive assistant, Budapest

Seasonal Culture

Budapest is not only a city of historical landmarks, but also varied cultural life.

In late-summer, one of the 25 largest festivals in Europe, the Sziget festival, takes place and welcomes half-a-million visitors. In Winter, Christmas fairs including the market on Vörösmarty Square open across Hungary and the mulled wine starts to flow. In spring, the Busójárás festival takes place – a city-wide event in Mohács. People called Busós wear masks and take to the streets for parades and dancing.

Goulash Soup and Strong Fruity Spirits

Hungary is famous not only for its wine but culinary specialties as well. 

Hungary is no place for anyone on a special diet. We like our meat.

While vegetarian options are limited, meat-eaters will be thrilled to find a number of exciting delicacies. Goulash is a meat soup seasoned with paprika and other spices. Pörkölt is a similar dish, though coupled with vegetables. To wash it down, Hungarians enjoy pálinka, a brandy that can be made from many fruits:

There is no fruit which you can’t make pálinka out of. If you are not used to strong spirits, beware!