Published: September 13, 2019
Published: September 13, 2019

Inspiring the Next Generation of Colleagues

Choosing where to start your career is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make. PPG offers placement schemes for students to work on impactful and meaningful projects!

Make Your Placement Colorful

We offer student placement programs to give potential future employees a taste of life in our dynamic, challenging and innovative organization. From marketing and commercial, all the way through to packaging and process engineering. Here’s a list of just some of the great initiatives we’ve been involved with.


Over the last ten years we’ve received around 250 students, all coming from widespread institutions. Currently, we have thirteen internships across our Spanish sites, with the majority of internships being done in Automotive OEM Coatings and Support Functions.

Laura Peña Cerro, who was doing her internship in the Engineering department at our Valencia site just finished her degree in Chemical Engineering.

My internship at PPG has been a great opportunity to be involved in a real engineering team.

The UK

Every year, a new group of students joins the Birstall team in the UK. Undergraduates from local universities have the opportunity to experience working with us for a year. Our current Undergraduate Placement students are nearing the end of their time with us and we’re looking forward to 11 new trainees who will join the UK team for the next 12 months. The program always receives great feedback from the participants.

I study Marketing Communications and Advertising at Sheffield Hallam University. I’m this year’s Marketing Assistant for Johnstone’s. During my remaining time at PPG, I hope to continue putting into practice what I have learnt at university and further understand how a successful global business is run.
Romy Ledder, marketing assistant
It’s safe to say this year has been full of amazing experiences and I’ve been on an unforgettable journey. I’ve been able to take on strategic projects and make a real difference to PPG’s future such as the development of a Global Store ACT. Working alongside team members across the EMEA Finance team and even travelling across the region has made this year so unique. I’m honored to say I’ve worked for this company and this has given me a terrific platform for the future.
Georgia Pace, junior business analyst


A project in Poland enabled students to make a prototype of shelves capable of sending stock information to a central database. This allowed the students to understand the future possibilities of digitalization.

The Global Business Services brought interns together on numerous operational departments such as IT, Global Supply Management (GSM) and Logistics are now consolidating in one location. Giving them a taste of what it’s like working within a dynamic environment.


Colleagues from two business units, Automotive Refinish and Automotive OEM Coatings, recently attended a career day at Genoa University. It was the second time they had visited the university and this time, as part of the team, they brought along members of the Young Professional Organization (YPO) to engage with the students: Claudia Piccinini, PPG solvent borne basecoat and automotive plastic parts team leader, Gabriele Farronato, PPG senior supply chain analyst and Antonio Belletti, PPG industrial global tech platform manager.

There was some really good feedback from the students as they took interest in our company and especially in our specialisms in the world of chemistry. Students also showed interest in the concept of the YPO within PPG which was expertly explained by our existing members!

Quattordio site also welcomed a brilliant student, Bianca Carrà, who has spent one week with our finance team. Bianca had a chance to improve her knowledge and use her experience to pass the final high-school exams at the Science Lyceum. She is planning to continue her studies afterwards at the Bocconi University in Milan, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. We are #PPGProud to help Bianca to fulfill her dream!

The quality control department in Milan has supported Afef Jedlane, an 18-year old student from the technical high-school of Marie Curie in Milan. In January, Afef got to participate in the Speed Dating activity host at the Science Museum in Milan. She gained first-hand experience with quality tests on raw materials and pigments while interacting with the colleagues in the laboratory. Afef was fascinated by our company and wishes to spend two weeks in our laboratories.

Preparing for Your Career

The internship period can vary between one and nine months; it can also be over one year if the internship is renewed. This is a great opportunity to learn a new skillset or engage with the innovation offered at PPG. All internships are paid according to the legal specifications and internal company guidelines in within each country.

We’re Looking for Applicants!

Please visit our career site for information on all of the exciting opportunities we have around EMEA and apply today! In PPG, we believe in our people and we are inclusive, transparent and respectful. Our feedback is clear and actionable. We always act in the best interest of our company, customers, shareholders and our communities. That’s our way, that’s ‘The PPG Way’.

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