Published: April 16, 2018
Published: April 16, 2018

Italy Launched a New Project to Excite Students About Science

A dynamic collaboration between our sites in Italy and a local high school recently strengthened students’ interest in science and technology fields.

In late March, seven employees from PPG’s Automotive and Industrial Coatings site in Caivano, Italy, worked with more than 30 students from Guido Tassinari High School in Naples.

Through Chemistry of Color workshops, the team introduced students to our sustainability efforts regarding safety and corporate social responsibility, as well as supply chain practices, resins and cataphoresis production processes, and quality control laboratory analyses. Thanks to this project, we want to familiarize the next generation with our scientific and manufacturing processes.

Putting theory in the practice: students solving real-world challenges

Students applied the lessons they learned to a case competition that required them to analyze and solve real-world problems. Winners were recognized in May when all students visited PPG’s Caivano site for a behind-the-scenes facility tour.

It has been a great pleasure to teach the students all about PPG. Seeing their energy and their enthusiasm during this project has been incredible!
Marco Cantilena, PPG plant manager, Caivano, Italy

Supporting gender diversity in technology

The week-long project also added a new dimension to our community engagement efforts in Italy by giving seven employees, from which six were women, the chance to take their skills into classrooms and to inspire girls to be engaged in technical fields. In addition to Marco Cantilena, participating employees included six amazing women:

  • Valentina Calandrelli, Quality Control

  • Nicoletta Carli, Technical Manager

  • Nunzia D’Angelo, Customer Service and Supply Chain Coordinator

  • Rossana Nugnes, Process Engineer

  • Alessandra Pozzi, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator

  • Alessandra Samele, Process Engineer

Thank you all for inspiring students from Guido Tassinari High School!