Published: November 27, 2019
Published: November 27, 2019

Joining the Race to Beat Breast Cancer

The month of October is well recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, once again, the people of PPG did the company #PPGProud by helping to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. It’s so inspiring to hear how our colleagues all over the region came together for this wonderful cause. Let’s share the good vibes.

Girl Power in Paris

Seven strong women from our Sealants Europe site in France took part in the women-only race, La Parisienne in Paris, to raise money for breast cancer research. The group embarked on the 6.7 kilometers, along with 40,000 fellow runners. Their participation has helped raise awareness for the cause and money for research to help fight cancer.

Getting Fit for a Good Cause

It’s the second time this year that PPG employees have taken part in the solidary race, Corrida Sempre Mulher. Colleagues and family members at the Sacavém site in Portugal joined another 12,000 participants in walking the 5 km through the Parque das Nações, Lisbon. All registration fees will go towards fighting breast cancer!

While in France, 20 PPG employees from the site of Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle did their bit in the fight against cancer by participating in the fourth Foulées Roses race in the city of Olivet. The group had been training during their lunch breaks since May as part of their Wellness program in preparation to join participants from over 80 different companies along the 3-8 km track.

Celebrating Cancer Survival

Employees, family members, friends and associates joined forces at the 11th Race for the Cure event in Athens, organized by the institution of Alma Zois in support of breast cancer awareness and treatment.

The 22-strong team put their sweat, tears and money into the cause. Not only did they run in support of those who suffer with the disease, but their participation fee went straight towards research to help fight it. Though many, they were one, as One PPG, as they all ran the first 5 km and walked the last 2 km. They also held a lunch party with cake after to honor their esteemed colleague and friend who is a cancer survivor.

Giving Pink Pride of Place

Pink is the internationally recognized color for breast cancer awareness. To show their support, PPG Stowmarket, UK held a Wear It Pink day. Colleagues came to work dressed in pink and held a bake sale to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. Meanwhile, the team at the Production site in Moreuil, France injected pink into all their activities. They even installed a photo booth with some pink accessories for a bit of fun!

The Valladolid team in Spain wore pink ribbons supplied by their Charity Partner Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) and they shared them with the attendees of the EMEA APAD meeting, which was being held at that time. AECC also donated bracelets that the site was selling at their Charity flea market to raise money for them.

Management all came to work in pink t-shirts one day, and AECC provided frames displaying the hashtags #Sumate al Rosa (Join the Pink) and #PPGProud to encourage colleagues to take photos and show their support in the cause by posting them on their social channels.

An International Push for Prevention

Our sites in Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Spain focused on prevention and education. Our sites all around Italy offered their female colleagues free cancer prevention checks at local specialist centers as part of their PPG Thinks in Pink initiative. While the Brno team in the Czech Republic was offered sessions with the oncology department with the local hospital to learn more about self-checking and prevention.

Our colleagues from Valencia, Spain received “Activate Against Cancer”, an e-brochure on the prevention of breast cancer. The site is also working with the AECC on collecting and selling promotional items in support of their cause.

PPG Turkey invited the company doctor to give talks on breast cancer to help raise awareness among staff at the Istanbul and Bursa sites. Almost 60 colleagues attended the meetings and wore their pink ribbons!