Published: November 14, 2018
Published: November 14, 2018

Memo Paint Wows Guests at the Weekend of Science!

We welcomed another intrigued crowd of visitors to our Weekend of Science event in the Netherlands!

Every year, companies, museums and knowledge centers open their doors for the public to take part in unique activities related to the science of their industries. This event is a part of our social responsibility programs focused on STEM education.

On Friday, October 5th, at our paint factory in Amsterdam, Robert Heshof, PPG technical director AC North, opened our doors to potential scientists, young and old. He began the tour with a question: "What can we do with paint?

We Can Do So Much More

Taking the group behind the scenes of our paint processes gives us a chance to encourage youngsters, and other members of the public, to engage with science, innovation and potential careers within the paint and chemical industry.

One of PPG Sigma’s latest innovations became the talking point of the first segment of the tour – Memo Paint by PPG can turn any surface into a whiteboard. This left young students astounded and they listened attentively as Robert explained how the paint works. At PPG, we don’t just turn white walls blue. We do much more!

The Tour

Later, the groups embarked on a tour around our factory led by our experienced guides. Visitors felt it was special to be able to go backstage and see the production process up close.

The visitors were enthusiastic and grateful to see the process and learn about our company. I’m sure this has had a positive impact.
Lorianne Mutsaers, PPG internal communications advisor, Netherlands

Later, Hans Zonneveld, PPG site manager from Amsterdam, joined Robert on the tour to answer the many questions the group had for them.

I was glad to hear the interesting questions asked, especially by the youngsters. I’m always motivated to share information about our fantastic products and the innovation behind them.
Robert Heshof, PPG technical director AC North