Published: February 02, 2017
Published: February 02, 2017

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New Charity Partner Program Doubles the Good!

Raise $500 or more for charity and PPG will match your donation. That’s the simple but powerful promise behind PPG’s new Charity Partner programme in the EMEA region. Launched in February last year, this new component of our community engagement strategy doubles our commitment to creating positive social impact.

Under the Charity Partner programme, each site across the EMEA region nominates a charity of its choice. Employees can then support through donations, fundraising activities and volunteer activity throughout the year.

Multiple sites are also able to work together to support a single charity. When the money raised reaches the local equivalent of $500, PPG steps up and matches that donation, up to a maximum of $10,000 per partner!

The programme has already been a success on several levels. As well as raising money for good causes, the fundraising activities have also helped PPG employees build relationships with local communities and with each other - a great team-building exercise!

Employees across the 12 EMEA countries have raised around 57,000 USD for the charities of their choice, and PPG has doubled this amount. 24 Charity Partners were selected in 2016 covering more than 60 different locations. Not bad for a few months’ work!

We help where it is needed

We commit to helping charities tackle a wide spectrum of social and health issues including:

  • Prevention, treatment and relief of illness, particularly cancer

  • Making dreams come true for children with long-term diseases

  • Reduction of hidden poverty

 How the money was raised?

Our employees’ approach to raising money has proven even more diverse and imaginative than we would have expected, we have seen:

  • Painting workshop and auction of the paintings

  • Various sales, from bakery and books to handmade products, jewellery and flowers

  • Flea markets

  • Smoothie days

  • Film screenings

  • Sports tournaments and competitions

  • Charity marathon runs, bike rides and walks

  • Pop quizes

  • Sale of promotional charity paint packs

If you have any more tips or ideas for raising money for charity, let us know on the PPG People Facebook or Tweet us @PPGPeople!