Published: September 04, 2017
Published: September 04, 2017

Paint Rollers at the Ready in Rolle!

The beautiful and historic Rolle Castle in Switzerland offered a majestic setting for a very vibrant COLORFUL COMMUNITIESTM activity this summer!

Our employee volunteers repainted an outer park building in this Swiss heritage site of national significance and adorned it with a mural. Not to mention the fresh coat of paint given to the newly installed playground equipment. They also painted a colorful hopscotch board to a pathway in the park.

The city of Rolle located in the municipality of Rolle of the Canton of Vaud in the south west of the country kindly served as project partner. Here are some amazing stats about the project:

  • Around 110 litres (29 gallons) of SEIGNEURIE GAUTHIER® paints were used for the project

  • More than 30 PPG employees volunteered

The project saw some amazing support especially from the European Leadership Team! Members of the ELT team who showed up in force include:

  • Jean-Marie Greindl, Senior Vice President, Global Architectural Coatings and President PPG EMEA

  • Christine Camsuzou, Director, Purchasing, Europe

  • Jonathan Edwards, Chief Financial Officer, EMEA

  • Chancey Hagerty, General Manager, Industrial, EMEA

  • Roald Johannsen, Vice President, Automotive Coatings, EMEA

  • Karin Priarollo, Human Resource Director, EMEA

  • Pedro Serret-Salvat, General Counsel, EMEA

  • Reiner Stamm, General Manager, Aerospace, EMEA

  • Todd White, General Manager, Packaging, EMEA

  • Jerome Zamblera, Vice President, Automotive Refinish, EMEA and Environment, Health & Safety Director, EMEA

The Colorful Communities program provides PPG employee volunteers and products along with financial contributions to bring colour and vitality to communities where the company operates around the world.

The program increases PPG’s commitment to invest in communities by adding more than $10 million to support efforts made during a 10-year period.

In their own words, the European Leadership Team describe here what the work means to them personally and how valuable the Colorful Communities projects are to PPG as a company and to the areas in which we operate:

PPG is committed to protecting and beautifying the communities in which it operates, and we are pleased to help ensure residents and tourists have a colourful experience when they visit this park and playground that are within walking distance of Rolle Castle and our European headquarters. I’m also very pleased at the great enthusiasm our employees have shown for this project.

Jean-Marie Greindl, senior vice president, global Architectural Coatings and president PPG EMEA
It is truly a pleasure to give back to the Rolle community that is the home of PPG in Switzerland. And to be able to ‘protect and beautify’ using the products we make and with the help of our employees is both engaging and fantastic.
Roald Johannsen, vice president Automotive Coatings EMEA

This project was a great success, Rolle citizens gave us spontaneous positive feedback, employees were really happy to create an impact for our city and spend time together. The result makes a big difference in the area and will remain in our minds for a long time as a great event.

We are all ready to do another project!

Pauline Mathon, HR manager Switzerland & HRBP IT, GSM, EHS, Legal & Corporate Development EMEA & Colorful Communities Rolle project manager