Published: September 27, 2017
Published: September 27, 2017

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Paris Painted - The 14th District Decorated

In the heat of the Summer, the streets of Paris were in bloom. In the city's 14th District French brands Seigneurie, Chromatic and street artists joined forces. And using over 130 litres of paint, they celebrated the city's diverse, local culture.

The project was spawned after the success of the "Rouen Impressionnée” in 2016, which adorned the city's streets in vast and vibrant pieces, attracting tourists and locals to engage more with the local community and its history.

In the 14th District, thanks to Art en Ville artworks cover buildings near busy pedestrian areas in view of schools, playgrounds and high streets.

Depictions of unique local icons are bright, vivid, distinct and engaging. Covering huge spaces (one of over 300m²) with frescoes and murals to inspire passersby, the project's aim was to redecorate and rejuvinate once bland and unnoticeable buildings

Primarily, the pieces act as a reminder to district's occupants of their own values and achievements as a community. Several amazing pieces showcase the incredible work carried out by local charities. One particular piece brings to light the plight of the protected native flower species Aster & Symphorine. Painted by Pastel onto the brickwork of a six-story building it highlights the fondness of and the efforts to conserve local plant life.

Other works include murals dedicated to the extraordinary work accomplished by the local community and charities to take care for young people who face mental health issues. Using bold, block colours the pieces hint towards how diverse and plentiful the community is that exists there.

Each work is aimed to both inspire residents and permanently add beauty to the once ignored landscape of the district, as well as serving to re-kindle and celebrate local community actions and values.