Published: August 03, 2018
Published: August 03, 2018

PPG is Supporting Mathematical Talents in Switzerland

PPG has been supporting the Euler program to help to unlock young talent in Switzerland. The Euler program is an accelerated program for students with a very high mathematical potential. The goal of the course is to inspire children to reach their potential while networking with students who have similar interests and talents.

As our European headquarters is in Rolle, Switzerland, not far from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) campus, our business has developed a strong relationship with the school which hosts this program. Because innovation and research are at the heart of PPG’s business, we embrace collaboration with organizations such as EPFL university.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Euler program and it’s the fourth consecutive year where we have been an official sponsor. Through our community engagement grant, we help to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Find out more about our contribution last year here.

More Than Just Homeworks

The children on the Euler program are exempt from math classes at their school, but they still have to partake in three hours of intensive lessons at EPFL on Wednesday afternoons. Outside the classroom, they have up to 10 hours of homework to complete per week. The full program takes up to 6 years. 

The program pushed me a lot harder than I imagined and has taught me much more than just formulas and theories. The fast pace and very strict deadlines for handing in assignments helped me with time management.
William Borgeaud, a graduate from EPFL´s Euler program

Not Easy to Get In

The Euler program works closely with all secondary schools in French-speaking areas of Switzerland. The schools help identify an initial shortlist of students between the ages of 10-13.On the 28th of April, the 2018 entrance exam took place. There were 326 participants of which 28 were offered a place on the program. The selected students will be required to pass some significant tests during the year. Then, if they wish, these students will be able to do a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics at EPFL in two years instead of three.

Graduation is here!

We would like to offer huge congratulations to the 14 students who graduated this year from the Euler program. At the graduation ceremony Prof. Picasso gave a thought-provoking presentation about melting glaciers and, showcased a digital model that he built, to the students and their parents. Then Prof. Kathryn Hess Bellwald and Prof. Scherer distributed the certificates to the ninestudents who successfully completed the full program in six years, and the five pupils who finished after five years.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the Euler program. There are a lot of exciting opportunities coming up in the near future as our relationship continues to grow. We will keep you posted!