Published: February 18, 2019
Published: February 18, 2019

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PPG Poland Launches Escape Room in Wroclaw

PPG Poland have launched an exciting and mysterious escape room titled History in Colors in Wroclaw! The room brings awareness to our customers about the wide use of PPG paints in the art, architectural, automotive and sporting industries. More than 1600 people have already attended.

Discovering the Mysteries Behind the Colors

History in Colors is a game for four to six people, it lasts around 40 minutes and is centered in Wroclaw, Poland. Visitors act as detectives who travel through time to solve an unusual mystery surrounding color. Teams must combine facts, discover secret works of art and perform tasks to escape.

The detectives also come across well-known artists, car brands and, mysteriously, the American National Hockey League along the way. Information is sprinkled through the experience, such as famous architecture that owe their unique appearances to PPG.

Entertaining the Local Community

PPG created an experience that would entertain our fellow citizens. The escape room informs customers to the ways our paints are used in many industries. Because escape rooms are so popular, PPG Poland created History in Colors. Skilled professionals prioritized safety while creating this escape room. They ensured it met all safety standards and does not evoke any health hazards to visitors.

The PPG escape room, History in Colors, was prepared with safety in mind. The room was built by skilled professionals to ensure it meets all relevant safety standards.

PPG always actively participates in the life of local communities. We are happy to provide Wroclaw with entertainment while revealing how residents have come into contact with PPG in the past. History in Colors is an intriguing and mysterious team game that requires participants to be smart and logical.

Grzegorz Koźmiński, PPG communications manager, Poland

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