Published: May 02, 2017
Published: May 02, 2017

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PPG Turkey Employees Celebrate National Children's Day

On the 23rd of April each year, the Turkish community celebrates National Children's Day, a holiday unique to the country.


Since 1920 the event has been celebrated to emphasise that children are successors and the future of Turkey.

With a day off school children mark the occasion with various activities and ceremonies, amazingly, among the activities on this day, children are offered the chance to replace state officials and high ranking civil servants!

Even the President and Prime Minister have to turn their positions over to children's representatives. The kids sign executive orders especially relating to educational and environmental policies and even replace parliamentarians in the Grand National Assembly to hold special sessions discussing issues concerning children.

Our employees from the cities of Istanbul and Bursa celebrated National Children's day to commemorate the 97th year of the establishment of Turkish National Assembly.

We hosted a special event not only for the children of employees, but also for the children from a local school for special educational needs, the agenda for the day; flying kites! The PPG name flew high in the skies of Turkey and little and big kids alike had a wonderful day.

Parents and more mature members of staff actually found it the most hard to let go of their kite strings at the end of the day as the team found themselves awash with childhood nostalgia.