Published: November 17, 2018
Published: November 17, 2018

Refugee Classrooms Made Brighter and Happier!

In our latest COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project, our team were emotionally moved when they were able to offer a helping hand to renovate the Association of Friends for Asylum in Weingarten, Germany. The main aim of the center is to promote the integration of refugees into the local community and make them feel at home.

The center helps refugees assimilate within society while preparing them for the demands of school and vocational training. One of the many activities the center offers are courses on a range of different subjects – from German, mathematics and computers to sewing and cooking. Local citizens can also volunteer their time at the center and offer support through the “Café International”, and make connections with refugees.

Unfortunately, the learning rooms and outside meeting area were dark, sad and depressing. The floors had become extremely water damaged and the general atmosphere was discouraging for the guests. Our team wanted to open up these areas to provide a stimulating educational space for the refugees to encourage their learning.

A Toolbox and a Lot of Paint!

We gathered 45 volunteers from PPG and with the help of refugees, association members, a toolbox and a whole lot of SIGMA COATINGS® paints (270 liters!), we got to work.

Firstly, we replaced all warped floors and reconstructed the old walls. Our volunteers refitted the furniture, cleaned the new floors and windows and painted both rooms. Using a palette of yellows, creamy whites and blues, the space was opened up with bright, beautiful and happy colors. We even added a beautiful, painted world map! The learning spaces at the Association have never looked better!

Positive Atmosphere

Spending time with fellow volunteers and local refugees warmed the hearts of our colleagues. By showing support to others, we helped to make a difference to the quality of life for local refugees near our facility.

Now, they are able to learn in a space that is bright, open, colorful and full of positivity! Education should be stimulating for everyone, and everyone deserves to feel at home. We’re happy and proud to have made a positive impact on their lives!