Published: June 03, 2020
Published: June 03, 2020

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Sheryl Adds a Splash of Style to Protecting Community Lives

Sheryl loves nothing more than helping, supporting and surprising others. We are very lucky to have her as an occupational nurse at our Pittsburgh headquarters for the last six years. But her caring side extends way beyond her working day, and she’s doing everything she can to help those in need during this difficult time.

This summer, Sheryl Woodall will have been a nurse for 42 years. As well as tending to those at PPG who are ill or injured, administering vaccines, health-checking new hires and carrying out drug screenings, she presents Lunch and Learn sessions that stress the importance of overall wellness, mind, body and spirit.

Caring and interacting with PPG colleagues brings me the greatest sense of enjoyment. I always strive to show each individual that they are special, and I truly care about them.

Bringing an Old Skill Back to Life

When Sheryl learned that protective masks were in short supply, she decided it was time to open up her new – but as yet unused – sewing machine and to reactivate a skill from long ago. Of course, a new machine requires lots of time to get to know all its functions, but after an hour or so, she had sewed her first mask.

She started by making one for each member of her family, but the domino effect caught hold and she has now made well over 150 fabric face masks for neighbors, colleagues, staff at her local post office, her church community and even for the Scott Township Police Department!

Making these masks is very therapeutic for me. I find great personal and professional satisfaction in protecting people from the coronavirus.

Being an ardent Pittsburgh sports fan, she creates many of the masks from fabric emblazoned with logos of her favorite teams.

Filling Bellies and Soothing Souls

But making masks is just the tip of the iceberg. Sheryl has also been helping distribute packed lunches to children in the local community and filling medication boxes for elderly family and friends.

It just lessens the general stress in their lives during this time and helps ensure they take their medicine regularly. The appreciation received has been just heart-warming.

On top of all this, Sheryl somehow finds time to prepare meals in her kitchen for members of her congregation who are elderly or finding things difficult, either financially, physically, or emotionally.

She feels a sense of enrichment from doing things for others, and especially surprising them.

That is probably one of my favorite things. After all, adults deserve surprises too!

Investing in Gratitude and Self Care

When times are tough, Sheryl believes in turning that negative energy into doing something positive.

It may sound corny, but it works every time as it puts my focus onto something or someone else.

She does her best to maintain her work routine while she’s working from home, something which will also help her make the adjustment when she returns to the office. Besides giving to others, she also ensures she takes care of herself – with reading, Zumba, online scrabble, and now, sewing! And, most importantly, staying positive and being grateful.

We’d love to hear more inspirational stories like this. Please send in your nominations of PPG colleagues who are making their community a better place during this challenging time to!