Published: December 03, 2018
Published: December 03, 2018

University for Kids Helps Young Scientists Achieve More

As part of our community engagement grant, we have supported a number of amazing Junior Uni courses for children and young adults since 2016!

Wuppertal Junior Uni in Germany aims to inspire young minds between the ages of 4 and 20 by offering additional education after school hours. Their programs help to encourage young innovators of the future while building an incredibly intelligent workforce for their regions!

Generating Interest in Science and Tech

Our support of Junior Uni is down to their inspiring interest in technical and scientific areas of study. This year, we’ve helped more than 180 kids to get a space on a number of science and math-based courses! We have sponsored a number of incredible courses from Hands-On Mathematics to Humanoid Robots:

  • Hands-On Mathematics: Insight into the real-life application of mathematics

  • Colorful India: Offers kids the chance to make their own natural colors from fruits and herbs

  • WeDo 2.0 – New Challenges for Lego Engineers: Students can bring their own lego constructions to life using programming

  • LED-Cube – Programing and the Art of Light: Teaching students to understand, build and control LEDs

  • Humanoid Robot: A course exploring how to program a robot

  • Freestyle Physics: Preparation for the popular competition for kids in Germany

Our mission is to help to generate intrigue in the young minds attending the school. Hopefully, the courses will help young people to take steps towards careers in these exciting industries!

I’m a big junior university fan. I loved my first course so much that I wanted the time in between to pass as quickly as possible so I could go back.
Robin (10), Junior Uni student

Encouraging Young Girls

Along with Junior Uni, we are looking for the scientists of tomorrow – both boys and girls!

Generally, there is a gender imbalance in the technological, industrial, chemical and scientific industries. To combat this, Junior Uni offers courses exclusively for girls to encourage them to further their interest, education, skills and potential careers in these fields!

These seminars can teach 7-10-year-old girls how to program small robots in a course titled WeDo 2.0 – New Challenges for Lego Engineers, understand colors in a course titled Colorful India or design a doorplate to be cut by an industrial robot in a course titled Creative Workshop with Industrial Robots!

We’re thrilled to hear that our community engagement work is helping to pave the way towards an equal and innovative world.