Published: October 31, 2019
Published: October 31, 2019

Vivien’s Team Go Back to Their Childhood

Want to know what happens when you give a bunch of adults paintbrushes, a wall to paint on and complete creative freedom? Time to find out in our latest COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project story!

The Artist from the Office

‘Materska skola Krenova’ is a kindergarten located in Brno, the Czech Republic. It takes care of both Czech and foreign pre-school kids. Like all kindergartens, these are the places where young dreams are born. And the environment has a huge impact on the future lives of those that go there daily.

That’s why the volunteers from Brno decided what their hometown kindergarten’s garden needed was a serious splash of color. One of the people behind the colorful transformation was our colleague Vivien.

Vivien Lattenberg, PPG senior accounts receivables intercompany collection specialist, is a bit of an artistic legend at the Shared Services Centre in Brno. Her job involves working with intercompany entities and chasing up invoices for any money they may owe us. Although she is part of the finance intercompany team, she originally comes from an animation and design background. When she heard about the possibility to bring color and design to a local children’s play area this summer, she couldn’t wait to start!

In fact, this hobby was my job for many years – I started with designs and animated cartoons, first working alone, then leading a team in an animated film project.

Imagination and Games Get a Colorful Boost

Even during the painting, the kids were curious and “peaked” through the fence to see what we were painting in all those colors.
Vivien knew there would be no problem recruiting volunteers among her colleagues. There is something so nice that happens when you give “adults” the chance to become kids again and paint.
All we needed was a brush with paint and a white wall. The sparkles in the eyes and enthusiastic smiles – you should see it for yourself.

The team soon got stuck into painting the outside garden of the kindergarten. They transformed the surrounding wall with underwater and meadow motifs, designed by Vivien, and made the equipment and furniture bright, cheery and colorful. As this is the only space where the kids can play outside during the day, the team added games on the ground to make it even more fun and to boost the children’s imagination!

The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Workout

All day outdoors – all day kneeling, standing, stretching up and bending down. The next day, I felt like I was after advanced fitness training.
As Vivien and her colleagues learned how to do aerobics with a paintbrush, they got through more than 110 liters of PRIMALEX®, BALAKRYL® and SIGMA COATINGS® paint. All definitely worthwhile as the kids, parents and staff were seriously impressed by the garden’s colorful transformation and Vivien’s amazing designs covering 60 meters of wall!

This was not the first time Vivien’s designs had blown everyone away in a Colorful Communities project. Last year, her artwork made a big impact on another Brno kindergarten. Based on this, we cannot wait to find out what she has up her sleeve for the upcoming years!

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