Published: November 16, 2018
Published: November 16, 2018

Volunteers Changed an Old Wagon into a Study for Orphans

The Chatzikiriakeio Child Care Institution in Piraeus, Greece recently welcomed over two dozen PPG volunteers to renovate an old train wagon residing at the orphanage! The foundation needed a group of helpful volunteers to save the wagon before it could be removed.

The renovation took over one week to complete and required 150 liters (40 gallons) of SELEMIX® paint products. Children living in the orphanage loved to see their outdoor area beautified by our colleagues in this successful COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project.

From an Old Wagon to an Exciting Study Room

The Chatzikiriakeio Child Care Institution was founded in 1889 and provides childcare to young girls while aiming to support their education, health and future. Greek authorities donated the train wagon to the girls as a sample of past Grecian culture.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the historical wagon had declined. The exterior had rusted and become unpresentable. Windows had smashed and stickers on the body of the wagon started to fade. Without renovation, the wagon would have to be removed. This is where we leapt into action – the girls needed a safe place to study!

Greek Volunteers Team Up for a Renovation Project

Six of our technical representatives visited the home and spent over a week there, prior to the project date. They cleaned the wagon, prepared the surface for paint application and even added a first coat. Faded paint was covered with a vibrant turquoise!

For the final touches, our colleagues from the PPG facility in Athens teamed up with volunteers from Central Europe, Middle East and Turkey (CEMT) HR Management team. The rest of our volunteers added bursts of color using the full color pallet of our Colorful Communities logo in Selemix paint products.

PPG Paints Add a Splash of Color to the Orphanage

We chose these bright colors to create a cheerful, welcoming and bright appearance for the orphanage, and in turn make the yard a happier place to play for the young girls.

Thanks to our incredible team, the wagon is able to remain on the property. This has made the outdoor surroundings of the girls’ home an exciting place to play. Hopefully, they’ll feel encouraged to do more studying, too!

We cannot wait to continue to support the Chatzikiriakeio Foundation of Child Support through our regional Charity Partner program and provide more help to the young girls living here.

We are extremely touched by all the help and voluntarily work that PPG employees provided. Our main goal is to keep all these girls happy and we are always thankful to the ones that choose to support this institution.
Anastasia Katsilieri, general manager of The Chatzikiriakeio Child Care Institution