Published: July 04, 2017
Published: July 04, 2017

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Working with Unicef for Vaccines in Sénégal

Working together with Unicef and Afrivac, PPG Sénégal launched a charity action to support local communities through an in-store promotion.

The aim of the promotion was to raise money to support vaccine campaigns through foundation Afrivac and has been supported by a strong marketing campaign.

UNICEF was formed over 70 years ago and works with the United Nations to make sure that children are on the global agenda promoting child protection & inclusion and child survival.

Foundation Afrivac aims to prepare for African immunisation independence by setting up a strong inter-African private public partnership for the vaccination of our children.

Vaccines keep children alive and healthy by protecting them against disease, immunisation saves up to 3 million children each year and is especially important for the hardest to reach families as it can also be a bridge to other life-saving care for mothers and children in isolated communities.

Objectives of the campaign:

  • To grow awareness about vaccination in partnership with Foundation Afrivac

  • Raise money through a local promotion in store so that Afrivac can buy vaccines through UNICEF

  • Support local communities, especially children, at the heart of many of the affiliate charity projects

A lot of time and effort was poured into the marketing campaign which garnered some amazing results. Elements of the campaign included: 

  • SMS, emailing and newsletters sent to customers

  • Radio spots on two major stations

  • Campaign posters and literature

  • Web banners on news sites

  • Campaign branded t-shirts for the whole PPG staff in stores

The result was just amazing given the size of the affiliate and the success was all down to the dedicated team who were involved in various charity actions all year long.

A special day and ceremony was organised during which the foundation officially received the donations  in the presence of Mrs Mbengue-Seye, its general administrator. The affiliate also took the opportunity to arrange a Wellness day focused on education of several diseases.

Thanks to the great success of the initiative there is a consideration for the launch of a similar operation in the neighbouring Ivory Coast.

Following this partnership, an awareness campaign will be launched by the foundation in public schools throughout 2017. PPG are planning to support them again by offering to paint and refurbish local school playgrounds.

The PPG Sénégal team would like to thank its customers for their generous donations which allowed for a huge number of vaccines to be purchased for the Afrivac Foundation.