Published: April 21, 2022
Published: April 21, 2022

A Sightseeing Tour of PPG-Protected Landmarks in Ireland

Our European road trip around landmarks that are protected by PPG paints is back. This time, join us on a journey through Ireland! First, we will have the chance to withdraw some money at the Central Bank. Then it will be time to spend it in a high-quality holiday village before moving to admire a Northern Irish historical landmark.

Central Bank of Ireland

Following the need to accommodate its expanding needs, The Central Bank in Dublin, home to nearly 2,000 staff workers, moved its operations to North Wall Quay in the Dockland district. Critical to the move was addressing environmental challenges and achieving energy and sustainability goals in the new 22,000 m2 building. Luckily, our coating systems helped support these goals.

At the bank you can find JOHNSTONE’S® Trade Microbarr Anti-Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell, formulated to fight against harmful bacteria using silver ion technology. Johnstone’s Trade Acrylic Durable Matt has outstanding durability for interior walls and ceilings. This makes it perfect for a thriving major financial institution with a high turnover of daily visits.

North Wall Quay has been shortlisted for several awards and won Green Project of the Year at the Irish Construction Industry Awards in 2018. Moreover, it is the first office building in Ireland to achieve the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) ‘Outstanding’ rating at the design stage.

Center Parcs Holiday Village

With five successful high-quality holiday villages already operating in the UK, Center Parcs, a leader in the UK family short break market, expanded into Longford village in Ireland. The new holiday development in Longford designed with families and the environment in mind includes 500 lodges painted to a quality finish using Johnstone’s Trade Endura Super Durable Matt. This paint is easy to clean, fast drying, has low odor and is the ideal solution for high traffic areas. This project also became a finalist in our Johnstone’s Painter of the Year awards in 2019.

Historical St Columba’s Church

St Columba's Church’s Long Tower is located in the heart of the city of Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland. The present church is built on a site that goes back as far as the 12th century. It began life in 1783 in a much smaller scale than seen today and opened its doors in 1788.

The interior and exterior intricate architecture has been brought back to life with our coating systems, such as Johnstone’s Smooth Metal paint for all the external metal work and Johnstone’s Trade Eggshell on the plastered surfaces. In addition, the gold-leafed intricate cornices and moldings were redecorated using Johnstone’s Trade Undercoat and Gloss, displaying how coatings can transform and re-invigorate even the most complex architecture. Michael McCann won Supreme Winner of the Johnstone's Painter of the Year awards in 2016 for his work on the church. The finish provided by the high-quality coatings will be maintained for many years to come.

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