Published: April 30, 2020
Published: April 30, 2020

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Budapest Sanitizer Project Helps Keep Colleagues Safe

The current situation requires all of us to follow health and safety regulations even more carefully than ever before. Our colleagues from Hungary have a great example of how team spirit can be crucial in coping with the challenges.

The team, consisting of people from various functions at our architectural coatings plant in Budapest, has combined their expertise to help colleagues remain safe and healthy in the midst of COVID-19.
We are committed to making sure that every colleague has access to hygienic conditions to protect their health. Since disinfectants are no longer available in local stores, we took the initiative to produce the hand sanitizer ourselves.
Attila Kiss, PPG plant manager, Budapest, Hungary

Faced with a country-wide shortage of disinfectant, the team worked together to formulate and produce hand sanitizer for colleagues who are still working onsite. Having distributed the first batch to all employees in late March, additional batches are currently in production.

The site’s hand sanitizer ‘recipe’ is based on World Health Organization recommendations and guidelines. With this in mind, it is for onsite use only and cannot be sold or removed from the facility.

Like others all across PPG, our colleagues continue to make it happen every day. Even during this challenging time, they go the extra step to bring The PPG Way to life. We are very proud of their efforts.

In addition to Attila, the team included representatives from the site’s environmental, health and safety department, as well as its quality laboratory and product stewardship, investment and maintenance departments.