Published: October 10, 2017
Published: October 10, 2017

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First-Class Forum Treats PPG Employees to Industry Insider's Expert Advice

At the 2017 Supplier Day in Wuppertal, Germany, representatives from the top 20 suppliers to PPG automotive coatings sites throughout EMEA joined us for a day of employee engagement activities.

The day was pedagogical paradise for our eager PPG attendees. From sharing industry expertise and encouraging words, to advice on how to better industry standards, sharpen industry practices and continue to produce excellent work.

Over the course of the day supportive seminars and speeches were delivered by PPG employees to suppliers and industry experts. Seminars focused on tackling issues that affect the quality of work at PPG's automotive coating facilities, covering topics such as crater prevention and paint contamination. As well as sharing advice and guidance on how best to meet customer specific requirements, discussions also delved into specialist subjects relating to Near Infra Red (NIR) spectroscopy.

The event, hosted by Wuppertal's excellent PPG team, was also attended by members of PPG’s global supply management team and the EMEA supplier development group. Melanie Barth, Quality Director of EMEA, had this to say:

This was a great opportunity to meet with suppliers, and exchange information and best practices. It also laid the foundation for better communication between our employees and our suppliers, and emphasised our shared commitment to quality across our facilities.

Melanie Barth, Quality Director, EMEA

Several suppliers who attended the event in Wuppertal have close connections with multiple PPG automotive coatings sites throughout Europe. The successful event has resulted in suppliers entering a new role as they are now in a position to apply consistent quality measures at each PPG manufacturing facility and help to guide PPG into greater industry standards and expertise.