Published: November 26, 2018
Published: November 26, 2018

Get to Know Our Dazzling New Colors for Automotive

Colleagues from our Automotive business in Italy have been busy preparing a fascinating color show for customers! On 12th October 2018, we unveiled the Human Icon color range at the biennial Turin PPG Colorshow – seven new automotive palettes, comprised of 128 colors.

As part of a new chromatic project, Human Icon blends style with functionality. We collectively worked with FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to develop the color palettes, and the initiative meant we got to spend more time with the automotive group!

The new colors will guide trends in the automotive world, bringing elegance and innovation. Our colleagues in the style center in Quattordio worked incredibly hard on this project with the aim to innovate the sector, start new trends and drive change.

Our mutual desire was to develop an impactful and effective color application for automobiles.
Rodolfo Saporiti, PPG global automotive director FCA & Auto Market

  • Techno Attitude – cold gray, technical blue and violets
  • Native Soul – warm orange and red hues
  • Think Pink – unique, glamorous and sparkling pastel colors
  • Deep Authority – elegant dark black shades
  • Enchanting Spirit – desaturated ceramic shades
  • Nordic Dimension – urban, northern tones
  • Hop Art – vibrant primary tones such as acid greens

Color as a Business Tool It was incredible to be working in partnership with FCA, who have helped us and other companies get the most out of our cutting-edge color palettes. We are extremely proud of this innovation.

The Human Icon palette was designed to be a strategic business tool within the automotive industry. It helps automotive manufacturers’ build their brand identities while improving the durability and performance of automobile paint.