Published: September 21, 2023
Published: September 21, 2023

Ivar Tomperk: A Solution-Seeker with a Mission

Ivar Tomperk, central technical support manager for the Architectural Coatings (AC) based in Estonia, had a childhood that gave him a lifelong love for hands-on work and a penchant for seeking solutions. This can-do attitude helped him overcome numerous challenges at the start of his career and led to his recognition with a Rainmaker award. Join Ivar as he guides us through his mission of providing support, training, and product testing, all accompanied by his incredible passion and boundless energy for what he does.

One Ivar, a Europe of Paints

Even before becoming part of the former Tikkurila company in 2012, Ivar was already working in the paint industry, providing technical support across the entire EMEA region. He first became acquainted with Tikkurila at a congress, where he recognized an opportunity to work as their technical support specialist, and he successfully secured the position. He started to work at the Estonian Tikkurila training center as technical support and afterwards became a product manager for the Baltic region. Finally, Ivar was offered the central technical support manager position.

As Ivar puts it, the acquisition of Tikkurila by PPG a few years later was "a significant step toward building multinational teams," providing him with an opportunity to grow alongside the company.

Currently, Ivar serves as the central technical support manager for the AC division, covering the EMEA North & East region—a role he has held for the past four years. His primary responsibilities involve liaising with local partners, offering technical support, and providing training.

Ivar's primary professional focus is on the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic region, and Poland. However, due to the ongoing collaboration with PPG colleagues from various other countries, his area of responsibility continues to expand.

"We constantly discover how each country is unique. Local preferences and working practices vary, depending on their geographical location."

Selecting the appropriate product for a specific surface while considering the local climate is crucial. As Ivar explains, "the same product that works in the south of France may not perform the same way in Sweden."


Bold, Attentive, Goal Oriented

Having the capability to identify the appropriate product for every construction project in any location demands an exceptional attention to detail, a personality trait that Ivar possesses, and which also translates into his day-to-day work. Together with his team, he puts this ability to work while testing products for customers.

It is very important to test the product exactly the way it will be used by the painter on the construction site, understanding the surface and the tools that they are likely to use. All this makes a great difference.

These special traits come from Ivar's childhood, when whatever he wanted to do, he was motivated to find a way to craft it. This also cultivated his love for hands-on work and construction.

"I've always been a hands-on person, and throughout my career, I've immersed myself in construction projects from the inside out, trying almost everything. That is how I discovered what I truly enjoy."

Ivar's courage at work has been tested right from the beginning – which made him grow more than anything. He shares a story from the early days of his career that illustrates this:

"I was in my mid-twenties when we were on the cusp of introducing a new product line to the UK market. I was the youngest person in the room, surrounded by much older, experienced individuals to whom I was supposed to make a presentation. Their reaction was like, 'Young man, take your products and leave because we've been doing this for 40 years, and we don't need your nonexistent knowledge.' It was harsh, but it was a challenge."

Ivar recalls that it required a lot of explaining the how and why of things, as well as the benefits they offered. In short, it paid off: "I'm aware that at least two of those individuals still work with the products I presented that day, despite being already retired."

Saving Money and the Environment with ClimateCooler

When asked to highlight a product he is genuinely excited about, Ivar instantly mentions TIKKURILA™ ClimateCooler, which his team recently helped introduce in France. As a water-borne solar-reflective roof coating, it offers a smart way to manage the energy consumption of the buildings it is applied to. Roofs treated with ClimateCooler maintain lower temperatures, reducing the need for artificial cooling. This not only leads to financial savings but also contributes to environmental protection. However, ClimateCooler offers even more than that.

The ClimateCooler paint cools the roof surface, preventing the formation of heat islands in the city. Because roofs painted with this product reflect solar radiation instead of absorbing it.

Ivar's team has also supported the introduction of Tikkurila's exterior wood products to central, western and southern countries, leveraging our brand's reputation as "the number one in the Nordic countries with the expertise to protect and extend the lifespan of wooden structures."

A Determined Rainmaker

Ivar's can-do attitude came into play, as Ivar not only became an outstanding leader of his team but also earned a nomination for a Rainmaker award.

"I always believed that an award like this was meant for someone who had held this position for many years and had an extensive career to show for it."

Ivar's fondness for his work is something he takes great pride in. Despite his current leadership role, he doesn't position himself above anyone. He stresses that he's still an integral part of his team. "I never really wanted to be a boss, but I give it my best. I still participate in training and testing sessions alongside my team colleagues, just like I used to."

Ivar's nomination came from his manager, Joonas Auvinen, the director of service portfolio and strategy professionals, who was very clear about why Ivar deserved the honor:

Ivar demonstrates an exceptional customer-first focus. He is always willing to help make things happen and is ready to tackle new challenges, turning them into successful solutions.

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