Published: June 02, 2017
Published: June 02, 2017

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Learning DIY in Suriname

PPG Suriname recently opened their doors to eager DIYers looking for expert tips and knowledge in the world of home decoration.

Suriname is a South American country and is part of PPG AFOS, its population currently stands at around 543,000. The training day was held in the country's capital Paramaribo, by far the most densely populated city in the country.

PPG's Varossieau Suriname N.V. headed up the training day. The company, founded in 1959, manufacture paint locally and sell to paint suppliers. The brand HISTOREX is the market leader in Suriname and their paints are specifically developed for the painting of buildings in a tropical climate.

More than 140 participants had registered in advance and on the night itself and even more people showed up for the training. Attendees were invited to register for the day through a print and TV advertising campaign and signed up through the Varossieau website or their Facebook Page.

There was some amazing feedback from delegates, some of which came for an introduction to home decoration and some came to seek a top up on their existing knowledge:

I’ve worked in a building material shop, so I do know a thing or two about paint. But I needed refreshment. I’m here with my husband because we plan to build and paint ourselves. Such evenings are needed, preferably several sessions.

Farida Oemar, 27, attendee

Commercial Manager Nuria Phang was charged with organising the evening is proud to call their first endeavour of this nature a success:

The people were really interested to get to work themselves, so I think in the future we should have a larger practice space, so that everyone can paint.

Nuria Phang, Commercial Manager

Nuria has some big plans to make the DIY days even bigger and better for this future as she sees this as only the beginning:

In this process we must educate everyone, not just the retailer and ultimate consumer, but also the painters. The techniques, the use of the material, layer structure, preliminary treatment and problems they must avoid: We have to teach them everything so that the attachment of the paint is very good. This gives you a lasting final result.