Published: August 06, 2018
Published: August 06, 2018

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Pioneering Perfection with a Low Cure Resin for Ferrari

Ferrari and PPG have been working collaboratively to create a new, high-tech and innovative coating range. This new low temperature paint system was developed by our Italian Plant in Quattordio, Italy in close coordination with the R&D Center in Allison Park.

We have produced 61 different basecoats in low bake technologies by combining a metallic base coat with a pigmented clear coat available in a glossy, matt, and pigmented version. This continues to uphold Ferrari’s marriage of style and sportiness.

The world's first low-bake paint technology

Up until now, Ferrari has been using a water-based coat with a quick polymerization reaction and high moisture resistance to create a stronger surface layer.

This is where our team’s creativity really came into play as they worked to come up with possible solutions and push the boundaries. We immediately formulated a two-component Low Cure resin.

By developing a new resin hardener, which incorporates Low Cure temp 2K clear coats, the chemical and mechanical resistance performance has been improved. It also enabled higher polishing endurance performance.

We are extremely pleased with this innovative development due to its highly sustainable technology, which lowers energy costs. Adding a specially formulated 2K clear coat cross linker to the resin allowed an increase in chemical hydrophobicity and decreased water permeability. It is now possible for the car to be baked at 100 degrees instead of 150 degrees, reducing energy costs.

This is a new process for PPG and for Ferrari. We are at the beginning of what is going to be a revolution in the Automotive Coatings. We are very proud to have launched this new innovative and sustainable technology for our customer.

Rudi Saporiti, Global Automotive Director FCA & Auto Market