Published: July 21, 2017
Published: July 21, 2017

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Poland's Painter of the Year

For PPG, there's no prouder moment than when painters we've trained win major prizes in competitions that test their skills.

It gives us a huge amount of pride and provides genuine proof of the quality of PPG products and our training.

The 'Painter of the Year' finals took place in April and was attended by painters affiliated to the Toyota Motor Poland network. The tasks put the contestants’ skills to the test, beginning with their knowledge on the correct assembly of a spray gun, followed by varnishing and removing the defect.

Five judges, including a representative from PPG, evaluated the tasks. According to the judges, the skill levels exhibited in this year's event far outdid any from the past, this is largely due to the increasing number of painters attending training workshops, including external ones.

First and the second place, as well as the honorable title of "Toyota Champion", went to painters who work with PPG Envirobase HP:

  • 1st place: Krzysztof Tylkowski, Station 08 - Toyota Czajka Bytom;
  • 2nd place: Piotr Górniak, Station 10 - Toyota Chodzeń Piaseczno.

We stay in touch with all our customers to monitor and respond to their training needs. If it turns out that a dealer needs more training or needs to focus on a specific subject, we can meet their requirements.

In many cases, we are the party who initiates specific training to ensuring repairs are carried out at the service station not only fast, but in accordance with the technical requirements of the car manufacturer, as well as ours as a varnish and technical solutions supplier, and of course customer expectations.

Adrian Winkler, PPG Industries Technical Director
We are delighted that our special training programs contribute to improving the qualifications of painters and we warmly congratulate the winners!