Published: March 23, 2018
Published: March 23, 2018

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PPG Helps Ford's Bodyshop to Increase Profit

PPG’s MVP (Most Velocity Performance) Business Solutions have recently improved efficiency at the Italian Ford dealership. Ford saw an increase in profitability of its bodyshop by nearly 20% within the space of two years.

Our Italian team helped the managers and owner of the Ford bodyshop Nuova Assauto in Biella, Italy to define their goals and create tailor-made action plans. They introduced a new Workplace Organization model that uses the five S’s (Sort, Simplify, Systematic, Standardize and Sustain) and the Lean for Collision methodology to maximize staff productivity.

Business Solutions Driving Dynamic Growth

The most challenging aspect was encouraging Ford employees to accept this new approach to working. However, after carrying out an audit and a value Stream mapping exercise, we were able to provide the initial training.

With the support and contribution of the Nuvoa Assauto employees and PPG Technicians, we have reorganized the workplace and implemented MVP tools. Employees have since completed a number of our MVP activates that have helped to increase throughput and eliminate waste in the repair cycle.

Walter Villella, Business Solutions Manager from Refinish Italy

Improving Dynamic Process

The bodyshop have also implemented PPG’s automatic stock management solution which helps save employees valuable time. It uses an innovative barcode scanner system to check-in, check-out and re-order PPG ‘s refinish products. It has offered an added value service for Ford.

We regularly receive proposals from other refinish coating suppliers, but none of them offer our bodyshop a similar level of value.

Gery Viradamo, MSX consultant for Ford Sale Parts

PPG’s MVP solutions has helped Ford increase their profitability and competitive advantage.

Extremely Impressive Results

Ford Nuvoa Assauto owner, Giorgio Marchesi and the Bodyshop Manager, Luca Belardo, were overwhelmed with what PPG’s MVP solutions had to offer. He was so happy with the transformations and the results that the program had on Ford’s bodyshop. Luca was particularly impressed with Green Belt and Paint Shop Throughput training.

This has been useful in helping our employees to make the shift to a lean mentality and culture.

Luca Belardo, Bodyshop Manager

Companies and Customers Working Together to Increase Profitability

The MVP Business Solutions is a management tool which provides direct solutions for everyday challenges. The program’s main objective is to achieve profitability growth by providing continual support through a series of customized services, which create a competitive advantage. This service also offers management reports on the current situation, comparisons of key performance indicators in your market and, most importantly, action plans geared towards increasing the profitability of your business.

The article was originally published in our Repaint Reporter 2018.