Published: May 12, 2017
Published: May 12, 2017

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PPG Refinish Workshop Makes Tracks at Turkey's Car of the Year Competition

In April 2017 the Automotive Journalists Association (OGD) in Turkey held their annual Turkey's Car of the Year competition, and with strong links and a passion for the automotive sector in the country the PPG Turkey Refinish Team was the main sponsor.

With their abundant well of insight into the preferences and habits of Turkish drivers there was a significant value in the support of the OGD event from the perspective of the PPG team.

Seven finalist cars were in the running to win Car of the Year and in order to choose the winning vehicle, a test drive was organised at the Intercity Istanbul F1 Track. The invitees included association members, numerous media influencers and the sales & marketing teams from finalist Car of the Year brands.

As part of the ceremony's activities the Turkish Refinish team invited attendees to take part in a very special event: The PPG Refinish Workshop.

The main aim of the Workshop was to enhance brand awareness and offer invitees a chance to experience something they wouldn't have a chance to try everyday.

As a result of the collaborative work between Turkish Marketing Team and Technical Team, the invitees were able to create their own panel style out of 16 different stencil models and 6 colour options and experience the coating process first hand with the use a professional spray gun!

The PPG team completed the all-important varnishing and drying steps of the process while attendees were having fun testing and spectating the finalist cars and after just one hour, each of the panels were ready to be offered as gifts to participants. The feedback was phenomenally positive and was plain to see in the faces of each recipient.

The PPG Turkey Automotive Refinish Team proved, that day, that our focus isn't just around our customer profiles, we relish the opportunity to offer people a glimpse into the exciting world of PPG.

This activity was more than that of being a main sponsor, it was a chance to demonstrate our mantra in a real-life setting and prove that PPG really does protect and beautify the world around us.