Published: July 25, 2018
Published: July 25, 2018

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PPG Supplies a Coating for The Biggest Fish Cannery in Russia

PPG has partnered with Dobroflot, the biggest coastal fish cannery in Russia to supply an advanced coating for their canned products.

We pride ourselves on having valuable partnerships from Russia right through to the Far East. These relationships have allowed us to combine 135 years of color innovation with more than a century of time-honored fishing traditions. Working with Dobroflot Fishery on our latest coatings project in Vladivostok has been truly rewarding.

Exiting New Developments

At the beginning of 2017, Dobroflot used PPG’s clear coating in its can production. But as of 6th of June 2018, the lab specialists and PPG technical support team represented by Wieslawa Bielach and Dmitry Sofronov, are testing a new white basecoat in the production line.

During this development stage, we are consulting partners on all subjects concerning the specifics of the application process.

The collaborative work was met with a remarkably welcoming atmosphere and the partnership with Dobroflot has been highly honorary for PPG. We are thankful for the customer's trust in our technology and opportunity to work together.

Canned Food Made Directly at Sea

Dobroflot have concentrated their efforts in fisheries and canned food production, enhancing the prestige of domestic fish products. They currently produce 120,000,000 cans per year which makes Dobroflot the largest coastal fish cannery in Russia by production volume.

The company has 15 fishing vessels and three fish processing ships. The leading ship is called ‘Vsevolod Sibirtsev’ - its unique construction and modern technologies are truly breathtaking. This factory ship is one of the world’s largest: reaching 17,993m in length and has an impressive height of 45m and a displacement of 32,096 tons.

The manufacturing giant spends 9-10 months of autonomous work in the ocean. Turning the caught fish into the canned products ready for sale within only three hours! The factory produces a total of 700 tons of fish products daily.