Published: January 21, 2019
Published: January 21, 2019

Setting a Record in Repairing Cars

For one day only, our team in Greece helped to convert a former airport in Hellinikon into a massive pop-up SMART repair bodyshop!

We rallied together 80 professionals to take part in the 2018 Fixing Time – Anytime Event. The team fixed and painted the vehicles using SMART repair technologies and products from our waterborne refinish paint range. By the end of the day, we had fixed more than 420 cars.

It may seem like an impossible task, but with the collective passion and energy of our team, we managed to set a very ambitious record.

Time and Cost Savings

Observers who came to watch the event were able to witness the incredible time and cost savings that are possible for automobile repairs. This achievement was reached by adopting SMART repair technologies and our waterborne refinish paint ranges. Each repair only required one hour to complete, on average!

Astounding Synergy!

Nikos Georgiou, PPG general manager, Greece & South East Europe, said people were baffled by the astounding speed at which his team completed the challenge.

The unique demonstration was part of the 2018 Fixing Time – Anytime Event in Greece. The event was organized by Anytime, the first direct insurance company by Interamerican, in cooperation with Autoking, a pioneer in automobile aesthetics and dent repairs.

Everyone was trying to understand how we did it. It was the passion and the synergy that all members had, that made all this happen.
Nikos Georgiou, PPG general manager, Greece & South East Europe

The story was originally published in PPG EMEA Repaint Reporter Magazine.