Published: August 10, 2022
Published: August 10, 2022

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Sightseeing PPG-Protected Landmarks in New York

Our road trip around landmarks protected by PPG paints has just expanded beyond Europe. This time, we are on a sightseeing tour through New York City! We will start off by exploring the “Big Apple” at Roosevelt Island with a building that can change color. Then we will move to the ocean’s open-air coastal venue and finish in the Hudson Yards skyscraper complex.

The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center

Did you know that buildings protected by PPG can change color? The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island in New York is one of them. PPG DURANAR® VARI-COOL® coatings' pigments change color according to the lighting conditions. We were honored with the Chairman's Award from the Metal Construction Association for protecting this building, which is designed to be one of the country's largest net-zero-energy academic buildings.

Visit the case study on Industrial Coatings blog to know more about the Bloomberg Center and Duranar Vari-Cool coatings.

PIER 17 at South Street Seaport

Pier 17 is located at South Street Seaport in New York City just five miles from the Atlantic Ocean. To ensure the protection of this open-air venue, Duranar powder coatings were applied to its exterior metal parts, while Duranar SUNSTORM® coatings were atypically used for the interior wall panels. In fact, Pier 17 was New York City's first application of Duranar powder coatings in such a challenging marine environment.

Visit the case study on Industrial Coatings blog to know more about Pier 17 and Duranar Sunstorm coatings.

15, 35 and 55 Hudson Yards

The first residential tower to open in the development was the 70-story 15 Hudson Yards, for which we specially formulated two custom colors – one for the exterior curtain wall and the other for the interior façade. PPG DURACRON® was selected for the interior while Duranar coating was used on the exterior due to its proven ability to retain original color and gloss for decades.

35 Hudson Yards is the tallest of the three buildings we coated, standing at 92 stories. Our teams custom formulated the interior Duracron color to complement the other surface materials used throughout the upscale skyscraper.

55 Hudson Yards is one of the first skyscrapers in the U.S. finished using powder coatings. PPG CORAFLON® powder coatings in specially formulated “Black Flower” color were used on the exterior metal curtain wall and window frames, making it the third skyscraper in the development to be finished with our coatings.

Visit the case study on Industrial Coatings blog to know more about Hudson Yards, Duracron and Coraflon coatings

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