Published: July 01, 2021
Published: July 01, 2021

Taking a Road Trip Across Dutch Landmarks Protected by PPG Coatings

Did you know that our paints and coatings help preserve many famous buildings around the world? Let us take you on a road trip through Europe – our first stop is the Netherlands! Let us show you some of the buildings that we protect there. We will depart from Amsterdam Central Station, take in a historical castle and then cross a bridge. All the time remembering that these landmarks are protected by PPG paints!

Amsterdam Central Station

Taking off in the capital of the country, Amsterdam Central Station was repainted in 2017 with SIGMA® S2U Allure coatings. This mainly centered on the interior and exterior painting of the window frames, dormers and wall anchors, and replacing the sealant and broken windows.

Due to its status as a national monument, the windows are single-glazed, which affects the moisture balance of the frames. But this was nothing that our Sigma coatings couldn’t handle. Next time you take the train from there, make sure to check out the surroundings carefully!

Kasteel Groeneveld

Not so far from Amsterdam, in the town of Baarn, lies an 18th century mansion. Sigma S2U Allure has been protecting the woodwork of Kasteel Groeneveld for many years now, and recently, the coating was renewed. Both the owner and the paint company love the coating for its gloss, durability and reduced environmental impact. And, for sure, we love the classy look of this castle, which takes its name from the green surrounding estate of over 130 hectares.

Worth visiting, don’t you think?

Willems Bridge in Rotterdam

Our last stop of the trip is the captivating city of Rotterdam. Here, the rich red of Willemsbrug (Willems Bridge) catches all the eyes! The bridge cranes are painted with our premium topcoat, PPG PSX® 700, to provide long-term color retention and complement the architect C. Veerling's original design.

This bright-red bridge, with a total span of 318 meters, connects the northern section of Rotterdam with the southern part of the city. The original Willemsbrug was opened in 1878. In 1981 it was replaced by the current bridge. For a long time, it was the most important connection across the New Meuse river. Nowadays, Rotterdam’s infrastructure counts several major connections. But this bridge is still unmissable!

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