Published: October 05, 2020
Published: October 05, 2020

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Laura and Team Used Expertise to Protect Lives and Businesses

During the lockdown, Laura Egido, together with her colleagues, brought to life a brand new product, meant to help our customers thrive and protect lives at the same time. The new product, called Disinfectant 20R, has already met international regulatory standards. Laura, PPG business analysis manager for the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions, shares her insights into how the innovation came to life during the pandemic.

The idea for the disinfectant came from Laura’s colleagues Pierre Reguer, EMEA aftermarket segment manager, Aerospace Coatings and Sealants, and Thierry Destruhaut, global product portfolio director, Architectural Coatings.

During the lockdown, the pair wondered how PPG could help our customers in such difficult times. Locally, they saw there was a clear need to help avoid the risk of cross contamination at their offices.

The team at the Architectural Coatings site in Genlis, France, leveraged their expertise and ability to test and produce at scale and developed surface-cleaning technology. The new product was also intended to help our customers safely reopen their businesses.

I’m #PPGProud that we used our expertise to initiate the most beautiful activity – saving people’s lives.

An Effective ‘Weapon’ in Deactivating Enveloped Viruses

The disinfectant is a ready-to-use antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant designed for hard surfaces, such as floors, walls, bathrooms, handrails, furniture – any metal, plastic and glazed surfaces.

The team has ensured that the product has already met international regulatory standards, and its active agent is recognized by The World Health Organization (WHO) as effective in deactivating coronaviruses. Not only is it proven to deactivate the toughest bacteria and viruses within five minutes, but it is water-based, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive and non-corrosive.

The Secret of Our Success? Diverse Teamwork! 

Laura believes the diversity of the team really helped to make the project a success.

Pierre involved me in the project to help build the marketing and communication plan. I have been part of a diverse team from multiple businesses. I really enjoy the chance to work with many different people, from different cultures, different backgrounds and different soft skills.

She and the cross-SBU marketing and communication team were in charge of developing the sales materials and internal training. The project began during lockdown, when most customers were either furloughed or not working, so it wasn’t easy. But…

Thanks to stellar project management and the engagement of all team members, we were able to commercialize the product very fast!

An Exceptional Hobby Is Keeping Laura’s Work-Life Balance

Meeting many different people at work is truly one of Laura’s favorite parts of her job.

You can learn from them—their experience, their culture, their point of view.

Laura supports our marketing and sales teams with business intelligence and product information about Aerospace Coatings and Sealants, and she is known for her innovative ideas, imagination and for her love of challenges and short deadlines.

The lockdown in France was a very busy period for Laura, with time-sensitive projects like bringing Disinfectant 20R to the market in the shortest possible time. While working from home was simple enough, her social life took a hit. Luckily, she has a somewhat exceptional hobby to keep her work and personal life perfectly balanced: she is a dedicated rugby player.

My colleagues didn’t recognize me when they first saw me in my rugby outfit!

Happy Customer Spreads the Word

On top of her rugby training, Laura also goes to a gym twice a week. Knowing that gyms get through vast amounts of disinfection, she was curious to see which product her gym was using.

I worked out that our product was cheaper, better for the environment, and would avoid the strong alcohol smell.

She sent the Disinfectant 20R information to the gym manager. He replied to say that not only did he want to switch, but the whole gym network across France wanted to too!

The Ultimate PPG Way Project

As far as Laura is concerned, this was the ultimate PPG Way project. The team worked as One PPG to make it happen, trusted their colleagues every day, in every way, partnered with customers to create mutual value, and brought a high-quality product to customers by running it like they owned it.

Disinfectant 20R is currently used by our customers in multiple sectors in many countries across Europe, with more joining in the coming months.

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