Published: October 25, 2023
Published: October 25, 2023

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Vincenzo Vitiello: Cruising the Road between PPG and Special Car Brands

Vincenzo Vitiello, our on-site service manager, a position that many would call a "dream job", spends his days at the site of special car makers, our esteemed customers. Now, let's join Vincenzo for a ride as he shows us through the unique role he plays as a bridge connecting PPG and luxury sports car manufacturers.

Buckling up for the Dream Role at PPG

Ever since Vincenzo joined our company in September 2020 as an on-site service manager, he has been immersed in the world of high-end cars. His primary customer is located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, but in 2022, he has also taken on responsibilities for additional high-end customers.

Vincenzo's role is truly unique, as his workplace is situated at the customer's site. This makes him a crucial link between the customers and PPG. While he leads our on-site team of employees, he maintains daily online communication with our supply chain, operations department, and other teams.

I am in charge of overseeing the quality of products we deliver. If we are launching a product, I work together with the technical team, the lab team and others so that we avoid any potential issues with the quality or timely delivery of raw materials.

Essentially, Vincenzo plays a dual role as a member of both teams – premium car brands and PPG, facilitating effective communication and collaboration between ours and the customer's companies. This implies that his responsibility stretches way beyond just working with one team of people.

Ensuring Daily Exceptional Service

The communication between automotive customers and our company may appear complex, as Vincenzo serves as a central point, receiving reports from our customers. His role involves processing and filtering this information before passing it on to the appropriate teams in our company.

Vincenzo emphasizes the significance of serving prestigious and important customers with the utmost level of care. "They produce true supercars. Because of that, their expectations are very high, and we have to deliver an impeccable service."


How is this exceptional service ensured? Through efficient communication and teamwork. Vincenzo underscores the critical importance of knowing exactly where to seek support and assistance.

One of the main pillars of my work is placing trust in my team, especially since I am not on-site at all times.

Trust serves as the primary driving force propelling Vincenzo's team forward. He ensures that each of his colleagues feels valued and appreciated for the unique contributions they bring to both partners.

Relying on this trust, Vincenzo has trained his team to tackle challenges even in his absence, if necessary. Simultaneously, he has encouraged his colleagues to support one another, so that absences or staff shortages do not impede their progress.

"I recognized the importance of delivering top-notch service under any circumstances. Whether it's during the holiday season or when someone is ill, our level of service must remain consistent and exceptional."

The Specific Role of the On-Site Manager

Our premium customers receive products for all paint shop processes, from pretreatment to clearcoat. When it comes to basecoat products, we collaborate with Automotive Refinish colleagues to ensure top quality service for the customers.

Consequently, it is Vincenzo's responsibility to ensure that these products are dispatched in top quality. This involves a lot of communication between Vincenzo and his international colleagues.

"In challenging situations, I try to keep calm above all else. And when I interact with my colleagues, I always emphasize the importance of acting as One PPG—a united team with a common goal."


Passion-Driven and #PPGProud

Being a part of a colossal company like ours is what truly makes Vincenzo feel #PPGProud. He stresses that while his previous job mainly revolved around the automotive industry, he had only worked on the production line. His current position marks the first time he can serve as a supplier directly at the customers' sites.

I find it motivating that you get to witness the tangible results of your work and the customer's satisfaction. Knowing that I contribute to the creation of these incredibly beautiful cars is just fulfilling.

In the automotive industry, Vincenzo's passion for high-end cars drives his unwavering commitment to his role as an on-site manager.

"Passion, to me, means being available to work whenever necessary, not just when it's convenient. That might occasionally mean working on a Saturday or even on a vacation day."

Some of Vincenzo's work philosophy also extends to his personal life, as he happily embraces the role of a father to his 18-month-old daughter. He remarks, "she's just like our premium customers —she demands a lot of effort and commitment, but at the same time, she brings pure joy into my life."

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