Published: May 04, 2018
Published: May 04, 2018

Aero – Makes Your Daily Job Lighter

The PPG has launched a premium paint range called Aero™, which makes painters work much easier and more comfortable. The innovation also won PPG’s 2017 Customer Sustainability Solutions Awards (CSSA) for its ability to potentially reduce painter’s risk to injury.

Making Life Easier with PPG

Painters and decorators are a significant risk group within the construction industry. One out of three painters consider themselves as not being in good health. Constantly carrying heavy paint cans and preparing surfaces for painting can increase the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

To make workers more comfortable, the Seigneurie French Research and Development team has created brilliant paint formulas called Aero™. They use PPG’s Light & Easy™ technology, which incorporates lightweight components to reduce paint density, resulting in a much lighter paint. This has numerous advantages for painters:

  • Lighter cans to handle - with easy to hold cans, work is less painful, and the risk of injury caused by repetitive strain is reduced
  • Lighter paint to apply - with the same amount of paint, the roller is lighter, the application is easier, and the job can be done faster

The new products improve painter’s daily life and health & safety in the workplace. Aero Paints clearly stand out for their unique lightweight ability and there are currently no equivalent products on the market.

A True Innovation within Paint

The AERO™ range consists of 3 products:

  • Pancrytex D2 AERO – which protects buildings against the elements
  • Garnytex Mat AERO - for thick mineral coatings
  • Practi Mat AERO - for internal walls and ceilings

The innovative product was developed in April 2017 and is now available in different countries around EMEA – France, Portugal, Italy and Spain. The current formula is sold under three different brands; Seigneurie, Sigma and Dyrup.

Winners of the Customer Sustainability Solutions Awards

The CSSA recognizes individuals and teams who have produced outstanding products and service solutions that provide PPG customers with quantifiable improvements in environmental impact or sustainability metrics.  The Aero™ range won this award for its innovative light weight properties which have greatly benefit PPG customers.