Published: March 21, 2017
Published: March 21, 2017

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Automotive Coatings of the Future - Our 2020 Colour Palette

We're extremely proud and excited to share with you our vision of the future of automotive coatings.

Inspired by nature, interior and industrial design, fashion, society, international auto shows and new pigment technology, PPG’s “Kulture” collection for 2020 automotive models includes 70 new colours across four colour-story trend palettes:

  • ES/Sense reflects the idea that “less is more,” where simple, pure design and living in the moment are key. The subtle pastel and ceramic hues in varying degrees of saturation suggest a reaction against overexposure to social media and technology.

  • Hour Glass evokes nostalgia for classic design but is refocused for the contemporary world. It consists of heritage colours such as royal blues, olive greens, refined browns and traditional reds.

  • IMpower represents a response to new ways of thinking, as well as new codes for design. It is a balance of extremely chromatic colours and complex subdued tones.

  • ​Biocentric unifies the pursuit of an organic lifestyle with the emerging trend of space exploration. It offers a palette of nature-inspired hues with deep galactic tones.

​PPG engages a global network of more than 20 colour experts with a focus on automotive, architectural, aerospace and consumer-products markets. These specialists analyse design trends, consumer preferences and priorities across regional, cultural and global markets to determine factors that will influence future colour choices.

The new colours and palettes introduced this year for automotive manufacturers reflect developments across these markets and influences.