Published: November 07, 2018
Published: November 07, 2018

Colorful Show Brings Fantastic Innovations for CHROMATIC!

Vibrant CHROMATIC® colors and imagery were recently splashed across the walls of the iconic Philharmonie de Paris after the PPG architectural coatings (AC) team in France unveiled an array of user-friendly Chromatic updates to a packed house of nearly 450 customers.

In addition, as part of the launch of PPG’s upgraded CHROMATIC® Color Ecosystem, France’s AC team welcomed French painter Arthur Dorval as its new Chromatic partner. Arthur Dorval will be working with our site in France to develop and promote Chromatic colors in his artwork and among French consumers.

Innovative Technology

Using our exciting, new upgrades, customers can tap into, a new interactive website that has been specially designed to inspire and advise visitors while offering professionals and retailers access to Chromatic System tinting technology and other tools.

Our clients also have access to this innovative technology, they can purchase a ‘Colour Reader’ from the site’s e-store. When used with a free mobile app, the pocket-size scanner can effectively match colors and propose colors combinations.

Chromatic is a complete color ecosystem and the benchmark for building industry professionals. It offers customers a full range of premium color tools and services. These resources can support any project, whether it’s a façade, interior or a wood-based project.
Valérie Ducouret, PPG color brand manager, AC, France


The Chromatic Color Ecosystem by PPG is a multi-tiered service package that leverages the combined strength of eight AC brands and our distribution network in France. It is available to professional painters, decorators, retailers, homeowners, and other key market segments. The upgrades feature the addition of 300 new colors to the popular Chromatic fan deck, a must-have resource that has been distributed to approximately 400,000 customers since 2014.