Published: February 01, 2018
Published: February 01, 2018

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Discover the Mystery Behind Picasso's Art

Traditional paint brand Ripolin has been a popular choice in France since 1888. Ripolin is not only popular for home projects and redecoration, it has also been used by internationally acclaimed artists and architects. Pablo Picasso used common paint in some of his most famous works including 'The Red Armchair'.

According to the magazine, Live Science, Picasso may have had a fondness for Ripolin because of the different effects he was able to achieve. Traditional oil paints dry slowly and can be heavily blended whereas house paint dries quickly so Picasso was able to achieve his signature muted edges.

The brand was also well known by famous architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture. He used its name within the title of his crusade against the miss-use and overindulgence of colour in his infamous, 'Law of Ripolin'. He was quoted as saying:

Founders in a narcotic haze. Let’s have done with it… It is time to crusade for whitewash and Diogenes.
Le Corbusier

Manufactured in several PPG Factories across the UK, Netherlands, Poland and France, around 1,000 different variations of the product are produced to meet all the consumer needs for its market in France. Ripolin proudly takes the title for being one of the most popular paint brands in France. Ripolin launched an online Chatbot and Social Network profile to allow customers to get expert advice at home about any product and any application and share their projects and decorative journeys.

Ripolin also introduced a health-focused decorative range in partnership with the Medical Association which contains a bio-binder and anti-formaldehyde. The range of paints is specific for projects that are centred around children's rooms and play areas.

Mixing its well-known mission aims and values and promoting authenticity, care and expertise, Ripolin's goal is to provide expert guidance to each customer no matter what advice they seek. Ripolin is determined to create a unique experience for end users and the brand has taken special measures to assure its consumers that they've chosen a project partner that will deliver.